Insights from DIA China 2020 Annual Meeting

The DIA China 2020 Annual Meeting, one of the only live global conferences held this year, hosted more than 4,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors.

October 30, 2020 by Jialing Yang | Manager Business Development Anju China

Anju Software's participation at the Drug Information Association (DIA) China 2020 Annual Meeting, one of the only live global conferences held this year in Suzhou, China, was highlighted by our Senior Vice President, Business Development Asia-Pacific Feng Cheng's presentation about the technical requirements for creating a clinical data warehouse and data lake. More than 50 attendees engaged Feng in a lively discussion and Q&A session that addressed how to apply advanced data warehousing and data lake technology to clinical study design and trial development.

In this presentation and at our booth exhibit, we discussed and showcased Anju Software's adaptive technology approach for supporting the global biopharma industry's focus on accelerating the process for getting needed therapies into the hands of patients. We outlined how our solutions do this across every stage of pharmaceutical development - from clinical study start-up, to study build, to data integrations and data movement within a clinical ecosystem, to as many steps of the clinical process that Anju touches. 

Our participation at the DIA China 2020 event further highlighted the establishment of the Anju China data center and our commitment to delivering an adaptive next-gen data intelligence life sciences solutions platform to the Asia-Pacific biopharma sector that includes Anju's Clinical Suite, Medical Affairs Suite and Data Suite. These solutions include:

  • An end-to-end clinical solution with ta-Scan, Anju CTMS, TrialOne, TrialMaster, IRTMaster, AutoEncoder, BioStats TLF and Anju eTMF, all powered by AnjuSafe (Enterprise Content Management) that delivers world class clinical solutions from study start-up to close-out
  • AnjuBus that provides API-led connectivity which can quickly and reliably connect vast networks of applications, data and devices
  • Anju DV (Data Visualization), powered by AnjuBus, that is a self-service analytics and data visualization solution which provides advanced insights and reporting features
  • Anju Medical Affairs & Commercial Solutions for adverse event handling, conference databases, content management, expert profiling, integration and analytics, journal databases, key opinion leader (KOL) management, letter generation, medical information case and product complaint handling, publication planning and a self-service portal

Anju was proud to have the opportunity to be a part of the DIA China 2020 Annual Meeting and talking with attendees about how Anju Software data intelligence solutions are ultimately benefiting patient health. 


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