Anju Safe
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Intuitive Enterprise Content Management using NOSQL DB for Medical Information with Orchestrated Workflows, Document editors and Advanced Search Capabilities. A first for Life Sciences ECM

Anju Safe ECM is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution using NOSQL DB that can store structured and unstructured data, images and videos in one comprehensive database. With built-in configurable dynamic workflows, comprehensive search capabilities and document editors, this is the first enterprise content management designed specifically for Life Sciences that can store all relevant data in a single database. Safe ECM integrates with any system and is offered with built in adapters to link to Anju’s IRMS Web and the eClinical Suite of Products.

Efficient, Secured, Accessible and Orchestrated Enterprise Medical Information and eClinical Solution Content

Key Features of Anju Safe:

  • Purpose Built for Life Sciences
  • Document Storage for Structured and Unstructured content
  • Ability to store Medical Images
  • Business Process modeling thru Workflow
  • Collaborative Content Creation
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps by connecting Data Silos
  • Insights and Reporting form Trusted Data Content

Single Source of Truth in a Secured Global Repository

Medical Information Content (Data) and Medical Inquiry Management in a cloud hosted repository

Store all Content Formats including word, excel, PowerPoint, pdf, medical images, audio, video in a single Database (NoSQL)


Streamlined Workflows

This allows Users to easily share the work of creating quality content while maintaining control over content

Real time annotations, review, approve and 200+ rules sets for easily configuration

Ability to design extensive and complex workflows templates in the designer

Facilitate-Communication-80x80 (1)

Facilitate communication across divisions, internal teams and agencies, headquarters and affiliates

Effectively connects users across geographic, departmental and organizational boundaries, integrating these into processes and procedures.

Reduces Content creation cycles by helping teams monitor and collaborate on all content-related information, such as tasks, Reviews, approvals, status, and deadlines.


Powerful Search for all types of content (Structured and Unstructured)

Users can save and retrieve custom searches created on document attributes

Search on content, Attributes, Properties at file, folder, division or enterprise level(s)


Tight integration with ANJU Product Suite providing unified process for managing and translating content

Connects various Data Silos with ANJU BUS

Tracks content Expiry notifications, Periodic review initiation with audit trail

Seamless Office 365 integration built within SAFE


Actionable Content and Insights: Dashboard view for viewing overall state of Data content

Analytics and Reporting with ANJU DV embedded in SAFE

Natural Language Query, Dashboard and Report Designer for custom reports and charts creation