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EPS Master is the leading eSource and site automation solution that enables your Early Phase clinic to rapidly capture reliable data from volunteer recruitment all the way through to study submission. EPS Master minimizes data errors, and allows easy access to data for quickly making key safety decisions.

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Cleaner Data

With direct data capture from medical devices, real time edit checks, and by eliminating the need for paper sources, EPS Master helps you ensure your critical datapoints are captured correctly at the source.


Improved Volunteer Safety

With valuable insights into historical safety lab data, real time alerts on out-of-range values and automated study alert notifications, EPS Master enables volunteer safety to be closely monitored.


Time and Cost Savings

Complete your study build in days, not weeks with EPS Master's intuitive and fast Design & Build Module.

Key Capabilities

At the heart of EPS Master lies our data collection module. Designed specifically for Early Phase Clinics, EPS Master aims to ensure your study data is collected on time, with accuracy, and with full transparency.

EPS Master's one-of-a-kind Pharmacy module  allows pharmacists to take control of their drug inventory, labelling and packaging, while fully integrated with the actions taken in Data Collection. 

With EPS Master's fully integrated recruitment database, outreach to your volunteers is at your fingertips right inside your EDC system!

Maximize the benefits of eSource with EPS Master's reporting module, allowing your site to create essential submission-ready reports with the click of a button. The application's ad hoc reporting and data visualizations enable deeper analysis and insights from the data you collect.

With Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic sampling becoming ever more complex, EPS Master's Sample Tracking module allows your lab to efficiently track thousands of samples through complex processing pathways.

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