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Connecting Data Across the eClinical Spectrum

OmniConnect is TrialMaster's web services API that enables clinical research organizations to quickly and cost-effectively integrate their existing eClinical systems to create a best-in-class eClinical research enterprise.

OmniConnect conforms to the REST (Representational State Transfer) style architecture. The OmniConnect API is based on an extended CDISC ODM (Operational Data Model) dataset and allows for the exchange of clinical data seamlessly and in real-time between the TrialMaster Electronic Data Capture Suite and other eClinical solutions.

The use of REST web services in the API is the first of its kind in the industry. OmniConnect brings together complex clinical trial management functionality with our TrialMaster EDC solution in a single, integrated database. By receiving a consistent stream of data, TrialMaster enables sponsors and sites to take advantage of real-time integration of disparate information and data sources.

OmniConnect can be used to interface to IVR/IWR randomization and patient management systems to pass the patient enrollment information to TrialMaster, while passing the drug administration information back to the drug supply management system providing a real-time interface.

OmniConnect can be used to interface to ePRO systems to provide a centralized data repository for all patient data, including patient reported outcomes, and other clinical data for a study. The ePRO data can be transferred to the TrialMaster EDC database in real time or on a schedule.

OmniConnect  can be used to provide the clinical data from the TrialMaster EDC database to study management systems, central global portals, and reporting systems to deliver an in-stream, holistic view of study status to sponsors and CROs. 

Key Features

Use of REST (Representational State Transfer) web services based on an extended CDISC ODM (Operational Data Model) dataset.

32 REST services are available for exchange of eClinical data as an interface to external systems. The TrialMaster OmniConnect web services may be used by external systems to push data to the TrialMaster EDC database via HTTP PUT or for data retrieval from external systems via HTTP GET.

The TrialMaster API system architecture is service-based supporting asynchronous operations. The process manager is responsible for orchestrating the completion of each request.

The REST service facilitates access to the data provided in an ODM format.

Secure access is provided by the API URL using a defined user name, password and trial group

Data is available for the study, site, patient, visit, form, group, item and code lists, in addition to the clinical data and data management information.

Using the TrialMaster OmniConnect API, the study structure meta data can be extracted.

Key Benefits

State of the art technology; follows OmniComm’s continued focus on interoperability and standards to provide value based solutions.

The available services may be used for various tasks for integrating systems to the central TrialMaster Electronic Data Capture Suite. These include transferring data for patient enrollment, visit information, ePRO (patient reported outcomes), drug administration, etc.

The TrialMaster OmniConnect web services provide real-time exchange of clinical data, making the data sent or retrieved available immediately for processing.

Using industry standard protocols for data exchange.

Access to the clinical data is secure and provided from a validated study environment.

Both meta-data and clinical data can be exchanged using the OmniConnect API. This information can include clinical data points, query statuses, etc.

Using a single REST request, the entire study can be extracted to a CDISC ODM file.


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