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Users connect to TrialMaster through any mainstream browser and access the corresponding clinical data that is retrieved from the database server. If the trial has been translated into foreign languages, a user can select his or her desired language and the corresponding foreign language text is retrieved from a global translations database and displayed immediately. In the example above, a Japanese user and an English user could be working simultaneously on the same trial.

A site or sponsor user could also connect to TrialMaster using any commercial tablet, such as an iPad® or a tablet running Android®. TrialMaster is a web application that will respond as any tablet application, for example, to re-orient the display if the tablet is rotated, and to scroll the display on a finger swipe. Finally, patients entering their own data can use any commercial smartphone; TrialMaster will display a stripped-down surround such that the patients can easily enter their data, thereby bypassing the need for a separate ePRO system.

Personnel who are developing trials have access to an elegant, multi-window design tool running under Windows 10.® This tool connects to the central database using a web service connection, giving the dual benefits of local responsiveness coupled with central storage of the trial metadata.




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