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TrialMaster supports any number of languages, single and multi-byte. That means you can build a trial once, translate the metadata into the desired languages, and allow users to pick the language of their choice. All form names, visit names, item prompts, codelist entries and edit check messages will appear in that language. The TrialMaster application itself may be similarly translated, so all menus, prompts, button labels and messages appear in the chosen language.

The ability to select which additional languages are available for any given trial introduces a translation overhead that can equally be mitigated by innovative product capabilities. To that end, OmniComm provides integration to automated translation services; so once a study design team has built a new trial in their language of choice, they can initiate an automated translation of both product/interface and eCRF languages to the additional languages they need to support on that trial.

The clinical data itself is effectively language-agnostic, since numbers and dates are universal, while coded fields contain an internal value rather than a language-dependent label. Only free text fields may need manual translation. This means, for example, that a trial may be conducted in English, Spanish, French and Japanese, but be analyzed in English.



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