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    TrialOne® Overview

TrialOne is the leading proactive eSource and early phase site automation solution

Early phase trials are the foundation of the research and development industry, helping life science companies build laboratory ideas into life-enhancing medical treatments for patients. Bedside Data Collection (BDC) solutions are a vital part of that process and enable early phase researchers to make clinical assessments as quickly as possible.

BDC provides an automated solution to paper-based processes. With TrialOne, sites no longer have to enter data on paper forms and later transcribe that same information into an electronic system. Sites can avoid paper based, time-consuming processes and make time-sensitive decisions with greater efficiency.

Automation can improve productivity for several areas within an early phase clinic. Whether it is volunteer recruitment, real-time study data collection, sample tracking, data management or reporting, TrialOne will handle all your early phase study needs.

This browser-based, tablet-compatible system provides an advanced platform for automating your clinic operations, complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and supports standards such as CDISC for easy export and data reporting.

TrialOne capabilities include the following:

  • Comprehensive integration with a wide range of bedside patient monitoring, telemetry and clinical devices for real-time direct data capture of vital signs, ECG, body measurements, as well as the ability to attach files such as ECG traces.
  • Searchable volunteer database for running recruitment campaigns with the ability to track interactions and maintain a status of current and past clinical trial participation.
  • Ability to track samples through the clinic plus order and import lab results, enabling clinic staff to quickly and effectively respond to safety issues.
  • Study team electronic notification alerts of research participant’s data or experiences, allowing them to take appropriate clinical action and medical intervention.
  • Treatment blinding and allocation allows researchers to effectively track drugs per research participant for adherence to clinical plan and dosages, ensuring protocol compliance.
  • Comprehensive array of data management capabilities, including time tolerances, soft and hard parameter ranges, calculations, traditional edit checks, query management, study locking and exporting data.



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Seoul University Hospital uses TrialOne as its standardized eSource system.

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