BioStats TLF

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BioStats TLF

Producing high-quality statistical reports in a consistent format can be time-consuming and tedious work.

With the BioStats TLF system, libraries of standard, reusable templates can be established in the format you require.

BioStats TLF is a SAS based Report Software – FDA Submission capable -quality statistical table and listing authoring tool for creating the highest quality safety and efficacy tables, listings and patient profiles from any type of clinical data. Our software can create simple data listings as well as complex statistical summary tables, while supporting the unique data and presentation standards of your biostatistics team.

BioStats TLF has been adopted by many leading organizations, including several top tier pharmaceutical companies worldwide due to the ability to deliver superior presentation quality in a standardized, validated system. All BioStats TLF programs may be delivered to and executed by third parties such as sponsors and regulatory agencies. Hundreds of FDA submissions have been made using BioStats TLF software.


Streamlines Table and Listing Production while Improving Quality

Our point-and-click user interface makes it easy to operate and learn and provides immediate access to your data, thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to create a new table or listing. A complete library of more than 60 customizable safety table and listing templates is included.

Offers Flexibility with CDISC Standardization

BioStats TLF is designed to produce an expansive variety of reports, using any one-proc-away data structure including the CDISC ADaM standard. BioStats TLF is so flexible you can use it for marketing, financial or any other type of data analysis.

Enables You to Produce RTF Tables Using Standard Style Sheets

Rich Text Format (RTF) is produced directly from BioStats TLF for inclusion in word processing programs as native tables. A single style sheet may be used for all tables and listings regardless of the number of columns and rows. Additional style sheets may be defined to support the requirements of different sponsors or presentation types (submissions, publications, etc.).

Offers Simplified ADaM Data Conversion

Our report software includes the ClinPlus ADaM Data Conversion ToolKit and Template Library. This toolkit provides metadata-driven conversion of SDTM data to ADaM data and flexible production of metadata-driven safety tables and listings from the ADaM data structures, using custom or the included library of report templates.

Delivers High Return on Investment

BioStats TLF is the most flexible and powerful statistical table and listing production system available in the industry today. The true value is apparent in the time and money ClinPlus saves you in T&L development, quality control and final report assembly.

Key Features of BioStats TLF

  • May be used with the GUI or programming interface
  • Supports many SAS summary and comparative statistics
  • Very flexible and intelligent layout features without the limitations of SAS reporting procedures
  • Automatic data-driven layouts
    Relative precision available for all statistics
  • Embedded TOC tags
  • Conditional footnotes
  • Stacking and wrapping of data with intelligent pagination on data listings
  • Includes over 60 standard safety table and listing templates

Anju Software + services are delivered on a unified platform which speeds deployment and offers unlimited options for your team.

Anju has developed technology solutions that enhance the value of its core vertical products.



  • Single Sign-on/Single License
    Users such as CRAs who need access to both CTMS and EDC require only one ClinPlus license for true affordability.
  • Product specialists are available to integrate our systems with efficient workflows.
  • Protocol registration and clinical data disclosure.

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SAS based Report Software – FDA Submission capable

BioStats TLF (Tables, Listings and Figures) is a statistical authoring tool for creating the highest quality safety and efficacy tables, listings and patient profiles.

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