Subject Recruitment

AnjuEPS is the leading proactive eSource and early phase site automation solution for your early phase clinical sites.


Clinical trial recruitment represents a very time-consuming aspect. Within a busy Phase I clinic, it is important to maintain an up-to-date register of all previous and potential volunteers. AnjuEPS’s Criteria tool enables sites to quickly and easily search the database for subjects who most closely match the study’s criteria or sponsor’s feasibility requirements. Ensuring the right subjects are placed in the right studies is critical to timelines, resources and overall costs. AnjuEPS helps reduce the time it takes to identify a suitable subject population by letting you collect the data needed about each subject. There are no limitations as to what information can be collected. What’s more, the subject database is highly configurable and allows each site to customize.

AnjuEPS allows the clinic team to keep track of study advertising campaigns and a subject’s interest in particular studies. Volunteers can be given appointments after successfully passing general or study-specific inclusion/exclusion criteria, allowing customizable study entry controls to be maintained when necessary. Automatic appointment reminder notifications and communications in the form of letters, emails or text messages can be sent to subjects to remind them of upcoming visits. The staff can also track each subject’s visit, enrollment, dosing and other history over time.

Your onsite clinical research team has one main job — caring for patients.

AnjuEPS is a comprehensive set of modules that drive efficiencies, reduce timelines and reduce costs through faster and more directed volunteer recruitment; easy-to-build, schedule-based workflows; real-time, bedside data collection; direct data capture from devices; sample-processing automation and modern data processing. The browser-based, tablet-compatible system provides an advanced platform for automating your clinical operations, complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and supports CDASH data standards for faster and easier exporting and reporting of data. AnjuEPS is designed and developed by early phase experts to deliver early phase trials in a way that is adaptable to the way you work.

T1xpress: a Prefab eClinical Solution to Automate Phase I Research

Early stage researchers, including Phase I Clinics and Units, with limited resources now have access to T1xpress, a new eClinical research option designed to accelerate and enhance clinical operations.

With preset configurations, T1xpress enables researchers with limited resources to automate their facilities and quickly launch clinical studies.

Researchers gain easy and automated access to data capture, sample tracking, data exporting and Exago custom reporting hosted in the OmniCloud™. The package also includes standard process workflow diagrams, a validation starter kit and a “quick-start” implementation schedule.

T1xpress capabilities include the following:

This prepackaged and fully hosted turnkey solution will allow for a much shorter implementation schedule, affording smaller clinics all the benefits of a tier I solution at a much lower total cost of ownership.

  • Recruitment, Data Capture, Tracker, Data Exporting and Exago custom reporting hosted in the OmniCloud
  • Preconfigured library, barcoded label templates and system roles
  • Preconfigured recruitment screens
  • Simple and fast data migration option
  • Standard process workflow diagrams
  • Validation starter kit
  • Fast implementation schedule: approximately 6 months
  • Expert support from OmniComm’s Professional Services Team

Anju Software provides leading, strategic eClinical solutions for clinical trials around the globe.

Anju is dedicated to the process of enhancing a patient’s quality of life by reducing the time to market of essential life-saving treatments.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research organizations, diagnostic and device firms, and academic medical centers partner with Anju to maximize the value of their clinical research investments and to develop safe and effective healthcare treatments for patients.


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