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    Integrated Suite or Best-of-Breed: Your Choice

Integrated Suite or Best-of-Breed: Your Choice

The process of clinical research requires 10-20 different software products, many of which must share data with each other. A customer selecting “best-of-breed” products from different vendors has a lot of integration programs to develop, validate and maintain; a customer selecting an integrated suite from a single vendor can end up with a lot of second-rate products in the mix. There is no easy answer.

OmniComm offers a choice. Standard integrations between the products are available off the shelf. For example, TrialMaster® comes integrated with the OmniComm AutoEncoder for medical coding, with IRTMaster for randomization, and with Acuity for data analytics. Alternatively, integrations with third-party products may be easily built using an open set of tools. These include:

  • Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that use CDISC ODM calls
  • File import from ODM, XML or delimited ASCII files
  • Data export in any format, including CDISC SDTM
  • The ability to attach external files to any clinical data record
  • A configurable interface to a clinical payments system
  • Configurable interfaces to a variety of Clinical Trial Management Systems
  • For TrialOne®, direct data capture from a variety of instruments, such as barcode scanners

Customers can build these integrations themselves, engage a third party, or contract with OmniComm’s Professional Services division. It is common for these to be developed in parallel with study build activities, thereby causing no delay to study timelines.

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