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Our comprehensive electronic data capture software qualification program goes beyond the classroom to help ensure your organization has the expertise and resources necessary for a successful EDC implementation.

EDC CARE™ is a comprehensive software qualification program that uses a consultative approach to evaluate our customers’ readiness for building, administering and supporting studies in TrialMaster® EDC. The program utilizes advanced techniques and industry best practices to optimize efficiency throughout the study design and execution process.

We are committed to equipping our CARE-Qualified customers with the knowledge, materials and support needed to deliver the same high-quality EDC clinical trial solutions you’ve come to expect from Anju Software through our multi-tiered evaluation of three critical areas for success:


Organizational Support – The right people in the right roles to enable quality work from start to finish.

We help our customers identify the team members best fit for using TrialMaster based on background, skills, and experience and provide guidance on designating the right people to the right roles, with the optimal delegation of responsibilities.

CARE-Qualified organizations should be able to identify at least two personnel who meet OmniComm background and skill profile recommendations as well as demonstrate adequate organization of personnel among required functional roles with clearly defined responsibilities.

Operational Readiness – Efficient processes and procedures to help support and sustain your continued growth.

This program lends our customers 20 years of expertise in quality trial builds by providing insight into process quality and efficiency so that our customers can support and sustain continued growth.CARE-Qualified organizations have well-developed SOPs in place to support staff and routinely produce quality deliverables, are prepared to triage end user issues through resolution, and have a defined process to ensure transfer of knowledge between staff members.

Technical Expertise – Training and knowledge sharing from experienced professionals to promote optimal use of Anju Software technologies.

Our goal is to promote EDC expertise as well as optimal use of Anju technologies through immersive instruction and knowledge sharing from qualified TrialMaster experts.The personnel identified by CARE-Qualified organizations are able to satisfy all training requirements and successfully complete a battery of technical and practical assessments.

Our CARE-Qualified customers are not only proficient in TrialMaster, but also have a solid operational foundation to support long-term growth while maintaining high-quality trial database builds.

As a best-in-class software company, Anju’s approach to software development and customer care begins at the highest level by recruiting top talent, supporting our employees with robust, yet streamlined processes, and developing our own technical expertise through extensive training and mentorship. Anju has applied the same methodology to the EDC CARE program.


Are you a lean organization looking for a way to optimize your resources? Do you wish to identify and eliminate potential gaps in your processes? Perhaps you simply want to increase your marketability to your customers by expanding your portfolio of technical expertise. No matter what your situation, our multi-tiered EDC CARE qualification program offers opportunity for all skill levels to gain expert knowledge in a leading EDC technology and demonstrate proficiency in the preferred EDC platform of investigator sites.

EDC CARE Program

Technology adoption of the complete TrialMaster suite (including TrialBuilder and TrialExplorer). Our comprehensive training courses and qualification exams encompass the following disciplines to ensure our CARE-Qualified customers are able to fully leverage the software’s potential:

  • Trial administration
  • Codelist, group, and form creation
  • Edit check development
  • Import/Export templates
  • Advanced topics like custom exports, coding, reporting, lab normal range setup, cross form edits, custom workflows, data standards, etc.
  • Organizational and operational readiness through a consultative review of:
  • Supporting personnel and their relevant background and skill sets
  • Delegation of roles and responsibilities
  • Study design, build, testing, support, and training procedures

Overall EDC expertise in the areas of:

  • Study design and build best practices
  • Study specifications
  • Unit testing and study build quality assurance/validation
  • End user training and support

Whether your organization is new to building clinical trial databases, or is already an expert trial builder in a different software platform, Anju will guide you and your team through the program step-by-step to help you gain the most value from your EDC CARE experience.

Our CARE Qualified Difference

Our qualification exercises span the scope of functionality that places Anju Software at the forefront of today’s EDC solutions. CARE-Qualified customers gain:

  • Superior TrialMaster knowledge, from fundamentals to advanced utilities, and the essential tips, tricks, and best practices for your organization to leverage the entirety of the TrialMaster suite
  • Optimal organizational efficiency to expedite study build timelines and decrease operational expenses
  • Comprehensive EDC expertise to elevate study builds from functional tools to integral data management resources that streamline clinical operations and promote positive trial outcomes

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