Integration and Migration



Using a variety of integration capabilities including NextGen® Connect (formerly Mirth Connect), SMART on FHIR, and our own TMConnect Web Service APIs, Anju has integrated a wide variety of eClinical technologies including EDC, CTMS, Safety, Portals, IRT (IVRS/IWRS), ePRO, and Clinical Data Warehouses. Our tool sets allow for both tightly coupled and loosely coupled interoperability – and our Professional Services teams can help you design and develop the most scalable and cost-effective integration solution to ensure that data flows seamlessly throughout your eClinical ecosystem.


The roadmap for migrating from one application to another does not have to be so overwhelming, if you bring knowledge, experience, and methodology to the project. Anju Software will employ our proprietary implementation methodology, and follow a set of basic steps to ensure that your migration goes smoothly. Our migration program is designed to lower costs, mitigate risk, ensure quality, maintain existing processes, and leverage your current investment.


While our robust eClinical software solutions offer numerous “canned” or “out-of-the-box” reports and capabilities, many customers require data representation that are customized to their specific trial, indication, or business process. Whether you require an informal ad hoc report or listing, a formal regulatory report, data visualization or a graphic representation, an aggregation of data, or a specific patient profile, our Professional Services developers can create the explicit output or data representation to meet your unique business needs.

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