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No other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution on the market outperforms AnjuSafe.

Designed specifically for life sciences and with modern capabilities, AnjuSafe is a comprehensive, intuitive ECM. It has the power, performance, and speed to handle unlimited structured and unstructured digital assets, including videos, audio files, images and photos, PDFs, documents, and more.

Realize Fast Time to Value with:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Streamlined Review Process
  • Collaboration Across Teams and Departments
  • Easy Third-party Application Integration

Part of the Anju Adaptive Life Sciences Platform, AnjuSafe fits seamlessly into your existing environment, helping you quickly overcome these common content management challenges:

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Solving Common ECM Challenges
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Digital content is scattered everywhere in silos.
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All content from any source is secured in a single global repository.
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Multiple systems are needed to handle all content formats.
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One ECM solution to power unlimited structured and unstructured content with ease
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Lack of true enterprise SSoT and content search
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True enterprise content search across all content and formats
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Changing workflows usually requires expertise or coding.
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Readily configurable dynamic workflows that require no coding
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Online, real-time collaboration is missing or weak.
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Real-time collaboration on all content-related information, including tasks, statuses, deadlines, reviews, and approvals
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