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Interested in how you can take back 2 hours in your day and 6 weeks in your year? Download the Infographic to see how.

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No other ECM on the market can outperform AnjuSafe. Designed specifically for Life Sciences, AnjuSafe is a comprehensive and intuitive Enterprise Content Management solution providing real-time collaboration across both structured and unstructured content. With AnjuSafe, you can store and manage all types of content – including images, audio files and videos – in a single common repository.  

Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline the review process
  • Collaborate across teams and departments
  • Integrate easily with third-party applications or with Anju's Medical Affairs and eClinical Suite of Products

With unparalleled speed, power and performance, AnjuSafe helps your team unlock the value of unlimited documents, images, videos, audio files and more. Put this powerful solution to work for you today.

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AnjuSafe. Tomorrow's ECM Today.

Efficient, secured, scalable and collaborative Enterprise Content Management solution – purpose built for Medical Information and eClinical teams.

Anju has developed technology solutions that enhance the value of its core vertical products.