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What does ta-Scan have to offer?

With ta-Scan, users can locate KOL associations, as well as investigators with specific therapeutic experience, or institutes with the capacity to conduct complex protocols. Through this one tool, users can gain powerful insights without needing to access dozens of databases. And ta-Scan also presents global and national therapeutic landscapes as easily navigable experiences.

ta-Scan is advancing clinical development through innovative technologies

ta-Scan is a cloud based, semantically linked life science business intelligence platform that connects data from thousands of sources covering various data classes (clinical trial registries, literature abstracts, conference abstracts, corporate websites, FDA, EMA, KEGG…).  The ta-Scan solution platform lowers user thresholds and provides a unique way to evaluate data at any desired level of detail: clinical trial data, site information, publications, expert profiles, geographical mapping, competitive analysis, etc.

ta-Scan also provides flexible but very powerful reporting options.  A user has the ability to download, export and share information such as summaries and complete reports with colleagues in PDF and Powerpoint outputs.

Whether you need to optimize study placement, select research partners, or manage your portfolios, our products and portals will help you bridge the information gaps in today’s competitive clinical research environment.

Trial data by itself is not an ideal way to optimize studies.  The ta-Scan database and analytics provide an objective and independent evaluation.  The ta-Scan tool includes:

  • Trial feasibility
  • Country allocation and site selection
  • Investigator profiles
  • Drugs and mechanisms of action linked to trials
  • Novel science and trends in disease management
  • Competing trials in your region


You have access to the most advanced visualization of your research results.

ta-Scan transforms and advances the intelligence gathering and analyses that enables clinical development.

Through this versatile semantic web mining platform, users can depict data as a dashboard, table, or summary report that can be forwarded to team members. More complex displays, such as (heat) maps, timelines, Gantt charts, visual scores, and connecting graphics can illustrate unique insights that can expand business intelligence and communication and facilitate internal reporting and data sharing.

Use ta-Scan to improve:

Trial Planning & Site Selection
With ta-Scan, take advantage of these powerful tools to fully capture your clinical trial landscape and identify new opportunities:

  • Evidence-based views that illustrate issues critical to clinical and commercial development
  • Country enrollment simulations to help you validate and organize recruitment protocols and assumptions
  • Country and site allocation scenarios to help you optimize site and investigator selection



Expert Profiling & Medical Affairs
Stop missing active investigators and thought leaders with ta-Scan's powerful data mining and linking algorithms:

  • Identify and track clinical experts in numerous therapeutic areas based on their clinical footprint
  • Learn geographic locations of upcoming key opinion leaders
  • Visualize collaboration networks between investigators and sponsors
  • Find, save, and share investigator profiles



Competitive Intelligence & Disease Landscaping
Understanding the business environment is vital to today’s pharmaceutical executives. With ta-Scan you can:

  • Track drug development timelines within a therapeutic area and by mechanisms of action
  • Monitor sponsors’ activities globally and by country
  • View trial progression
  • Gather clinical intelligence for the entire development life cycle – from research and licensing through product launch
  • Make strategic decisions with technology bringing a new class of adaptive decision-making tools



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