Clinical Trials

Our eClinical services are not only designed by industry experts to fit your requirements, they are delivered through rigorously planned projects with the support of our proprietary methodology. From routine to complex, small to large, our methodology enables flexible, adaptable, and scalable project planning to ensure high-quality and timely delivery of your unique service needs.

Data Integration

Using a variety of integration capabilities including NextGen Connect (formerly Mirth Connect), SMART on FHIR, and our own proprietary integration platform and TMConnect Web Service APls, Anju has integrated a wide variety of eClinical technologies including EDC, CTMS, Safety, Portals, IRT (IVRS/IWRS), ePRO, and Clinical Data Warehouses. Our tool sets allow for both tightly coupled or loosely coupled interoperability (batch and real-time) – and our Professional Services teams can help you design and develop the most scalable and cost-effective integration solution to ensure that data flows seamlessly throughout your eClinical ecosystem.

Data Migration

The roadmap for migrating from one eClinical application to another does not have to be so overwhelming if you bring knowledge, experience, and methodology to the project. Anju Software will employ our proprietary implementation methodology and follow a set of basic steps to ensure that your migration goes smoothly. Our migration program is designed to lower costs, mitigate risk, ensure quality, maintain existing processes, and leverage your current investment.

Custom Reporting

While our robust eClinical software suite offers numerous “canned” or “out-of- the-box” reports and capabilities, many customers require data representation that is customized to their specific trial, indication, or business process. Whether you require an informal ad hoc report or listing, a formal regulatory report, data visualization or a graphic representation, an aggregation of data, or a specific patient profile, our eClinical Professional Services developers can create an explicit data output or data representation to meet your unique business needs. Our proprietary data visualization reporting technology ensures compelling insights are in the right hands at the right time with all the right sources.


Our eClinical deployment and integration engineers are experts at publishing your studies to our secure server environment. They will ensure that your study as well as any Anju tools or third party integrated solutions (e.g. IVRS, ePRO, eLearning, and ad hoc reporting) are ready for use and operating as expected.

EDC Services

Anju Software offers a complete, hosted SaaS engagement services where we will designate a dedicated group of clinical and technology professionals to work closely with your team to design and build an EDC that accurately matches the characteristics of your study design. Our approach provides the best experience for your end users, while allowing for rigorous data validation, flexible reporting, and quality data extractions.

Comprehensive Training for Success

Anju is proud to provide a flexible eClinical curriculum of educational courses and training methods to help your organization succeed. We offer a wide range of courses to fit your specific needs, including role-based and function-based courses for all types of learning styles. A custom training curriculum can also be developed and tailored to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Software Qualification Program

Our comprehensive Electronic Data Capture software qualification program goes beyond the classroom to help ensure your organization has the expertise and resources necessary for a successful EDC implementation.

Technology That Integrates & Scales with You

Are you looking for solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and scale as your needs grow? Anju Solutions use our dynamic technology platform to connect, merge and link data from a wide variety of sources.

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