Built with Efficiency

Built with Efficiency in Mind

The iCare MAX portal allows HCPs or consumers to access approved content with a quick search instead of the often time-consuming process of contacting the medical information department directly.

IRMS MAX Environment

Fully Integrated with Your IRMS MAX Environment

IRMS MAX content authors will be able to designate which documents can be shared to the portal from IRMS MAX. When content is not yet available, HCPs and consumers can request information directly from the site to your medical information department, which is routed as a case via IRMS MAX to your medical information department.

Company’s Brand and Style

Match Your Company’s Brand and Style

iCare MAX can be tailored to align with the brand standards and guidelines of your company to support a seamless experience for HCPs and consumers. With our customizable style templates, Anju provides a look and feel that is an extension of your own corporate website.

Key Capabilities

The content that is curated and displayed by iCare MAX is under your complete control. Content authors can identify content to be shared to the portal from the IRMS MAX content management system or any existing content management system in your ecosystem.

Leverage IRMS MAX’s robust analytical reporting engine with interactive rich data visualizations, to have insights at your fingertips. With the platform’s powerful data visualization technology you can see who is using the portal, which content is being requested and at which frequency, and track how the iCare MAX portal has increased overall efficiencies in disseminating information as well as the reduction in volume of requests to the Medical Information teams.

iCare MAX features a self‐attestation capability that enables users to identify as an HCP or Non‐HCP before entering the site, allowing iCare MAX to present the most appropriate content to each, individual user. This feature can also be restricted to ensure only HCPs can register and access documents, and also offers the ability to configure blacklists and whitelists.

iCare MAX is fully integrated with IRMS MAX, so you can leverage the power of approved content and processes already established within your medical information teams. Content can be shared with the portal directly utilizing IRMS MAX’s content management technology. When approved content is not yet available, HCPs or consumers can request information from the iCare MAX portal which is routed as a case via IRMS MAX to the medical information department.

iCare MAX displays the history of an individual’s usage, including a list of their login history, search history, downloads and case request submissions in order to know who uses the system and how.

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