IRMS MAX Benefits

Deep Business Insights

A Scalable, Secure, Compliant Solution Offering Deep Business Insights

Whether you are a company that has Medical Information teams distributed across the globe, or an organization that is poised to grow with expert on‐the ground local teams, IRMS MAX is scalable to meet those needs securely, with out‐of‐the‐box configurable features that has made it the gold standard in medical information management. IRMS MAX can support all of your medical information needs, while at the same time ensuring security, auditability, data protection, privacy, and global compliance. Mine and organize deep actionable business insights using IRMS MAX’s built-in reporting capability, which includes access to stunning visual analytics, dashboards, and tabular reports.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Seamless Third-Party Integration with Applications in Your Ecosystem

Though we provide end‐to‐end Medical Affairs solutions, we also know how critical it can be to maintain and integrate with existing applications used by other teams in your organization. IRMS MAX is an adaptive solution that allows you to seamlessly integrate with your current CRM or other existing applications using our proprietary applications integration technology. It is purpose-built for data integration and interoperability of heterogeneous applications at scale, providing either unidirectional or bi‐directional flow of data.

Medical Affairs Ecosystem

Single Source of Truth for Your Medical Affairs Ecosystem

We understand how important it is to have access to the right information and content at the right time at your fingertips. IRMS MAX offers advanced, powerful, versatile content management capabilities via our underlying robust technology platform. All of your Medical Affairs teams can have access to and collaborate with the same content securely, based on privileges that you can control, all while having peace of mind provided by the platform’s security, compliance and audit features. IRMS MAX also allows you to centralize case intake with Adverse Event (AE) and Product Complaint (PC) modules, providing both a single source of input and the ability to transfer and track the AEs/PCs to your existing Safety/PC systems.

Key Capabilities

Today more companies are co-promoting products, applying for new indications for existing products, and working with multiple external vendors and partners, all of which creates a dizzying volume of communication. It has become vitally important to monitor and regularly review the information being provided externally for quality, consistency, and accuracy. IRMS MAX’s Quality Assurance module provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for reviewing cases and data, and reporting on the results of those reviews. The Quality Assurance module allows a department to use virtually any criteria to create business rules for the identification and flagging of cases for review. These cases are then immediately available to the reviewers via their Dashboard.

IRMS MAX’s security features, which include multiple layers of permissions and segregation of data in concert with role-based access control across divisions, user groups and at the individual user level, along with granular content, table, menu and module level access permission, ensures the right information is securely created and available to the right user at the right time. With comprehensive audit trails, privacy controls and detailed case logs, IRMS MAX enables you to be compliant with global regulations such as GDPR and 21CFR Part-11.

With IRMS MAX, get deep, actionable business insights you can trust with an in-depth, robust analytical reporting engine, and that can be translated into rich, interactive data visualizations. The platform’s self-service tool comes with out-of-the-box metrics and trending reports, allowing you to easily create reports and guiding you through the process with question prompts that enable you to get answers you need presented in visual charts as well as reports. With IRMS MAX you can have deep data insights, operational metrics, data or compliance trends at your fingertips.

IRMS MAX can be deployed on-premise if you choose, or you can host it with us on the Cloud. The Cloud Hosted Services version provides all the same functionality as the On-Premise version, but without the need for a significant investment in infrastructure or support from an in-house IT staff. With IRMS MAX Cloud Hosted Services, the application resides on servers in our secure data center and each client has a separate IRMS MAX database and file storage that prevents any unauthorized access. Support and maintenance is provided by our exceptional support team.

Purpose built for Medical Affairs professionals by Medical Affairs Experts, IRMS MAX provides an upgraded, modern, intuitive interface that allows rapid intake of cases from multiple channels such as Computer Telephony integration (CTI), emails, fax, websites and more. With multilingual capabilities, your teams can have local tailored experiences while simultaneously collaborating across the globe.

Centralized case intake with Adverse Event and Product Complaint modules allows for a single point of input combined with seamless integration with intake-related medical information, contact and correspondence management information. The system also allows for the easy and secure transfer of adverse events and product complaints to your existing Safety and Product Compliant systems as well as tracking of acknowledgements back from these systems to ensure receipt.

The IRMS MAX platform offers seamless integration with CRM systems and other existing applications in your medical affairs ecosystem leveraging our powerful foundational technology platform. Our platform is purpose-built for data integration and interoperability of heterogeneous applications, and is a unified hybrid integration platform that connects applications, network apps, data and devices with API‐led connectivity. It can drive both real‐time and batch processing use cases at scale. The integration is achieved by pre‐built adapters which combines frictionless connectivity with low latency. The adapters provide unidirectional or bi‐directional flow of data, and allows you to manage, extend and integrate all service endpoints in a single place, significantly reducing complexity and risk.

IRMS MAX’s “Division” feature supports local, regional or global scalable deployment while at the same time ensuring security, auditability, data protection and privacy, and international compliance. Instead of complex customizations, global deployment can be achieved by configurations, allowing for faster deployments, and reducing time, and cost.

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