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For 25 years, SCDM’s Annual Conference has been at the forefront of clinical data excellence. SCDM is world-renowned for inspiring leaders and for advancing the expertise and career of everyone who participates.
Join Anju in Boston and learn more about our eClinical and Data Science solutions to optimize and accelerate the execution and management of your (decentralized) complex clinical trials.

Join Anju at ISMPP Academy 2024 on November 13-14 in Philadelphia, PA.

Schedule an appointment in advance with our Medical Affairs software experts Reed McLaughlin, Rachel Sheldon, and Steve Anzuini and learn more about our Medical Affairs suite.

    In the ever-evolving field of medical affairs, mastering Strategic Communication Plans (SCP) is crucial for ensuring impactful dissemination of scientific information. This webinar, hosted by industry experts, delves into the significance of SCPs, the role of advanced publication management platforms, and the synergistic benefits of integrating your SCP and publication management platform.

    View this webinar and you will:

    • Understand the fundamental importance of Strategic Communication Plans in medical affairs and how they ensure the impactful dissemination of scientific information.
    • Discover the advantages of utilizing publication management platforms for better organization, increased efficiency, compliance, and maximizing the impact of scientific communications.
    • Explore the synergistic benefits of integrating Pubstrat MAX and, including improved collaboration and visibility, through practical case studies and examples.

    Anju and 9 Labs experts, Steven Anzuini, Rachel Sheldon
    , and Justin Erswell host an informative session designed to empower medical affairs professionals with the knowledge and tools to master strategic communication and publication management.


    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your expertise and streamline your processes with industry-leading platforms!

    Join us for an insightful webinar on the importance of data integrity and efficiency in clinical trials. Explore how Anju’s TrialMaster solution uses real-time data validation to maintain robust data integrity and streamline trial processes. Learn effective strategies to expedite trial builds, optimize data collection, and achieve faster trial approvals. This session will provide valuable knowledge for clinical researchers, trial sponsors, and industry professionals looking to navigate the complexities of clinical research with greater confidence and precision. 


    Key Takeaways: 

    • Enhance Data Integrity and Accuracy  -Understand the importance of robust data integrity and how real-time data validation mechanisms can transform your clinical trials, ensuring accuracy from the start. 
    • Optimize Trial Builds and Data Collection  – Learn how TrialMaster’s immediate feedback on input errors minimizes mistakes, while exploring strategies to expedite trial builds and optimize data collection processes for faster, more efficient trials. 
    • Achieve Faster Approvals – Discover best practices for quick error detection and resolution, significantly speeding up trial initiation, and positioning your product for quicker approvals by leveraging efficient trial build capabilities.


    Join Anju’s Laura Acosta, VP of product management, Caterina Cammalleri, Director of Clinical Operations, and George Naxera, VP of Business Development, for an in-depth technical session that will provide you with advanced knowledge and cutting-edge tools to address common challenges in clinical trials. Learn how our innovative solutions can enhance data integrity, streamline trial builds, and accelerate your product’s journey to market. This webinar is your opportunity to solve critical issues, improve operational efficiency, and achieve superior research outcomes with confidence. Register Now.

    Anju, On-Time Trials, and Barrington James, innovative leaders in the life sciences space, hosted a power-packed webinar designed to elevate your clinical research game. In just under 60 minutes, uncover the keys to success in sourcing, managing, and tracking clinical trials. Expert sessions feature Barrington James shedding light on the role of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), On Time Trials unveiling resource optimization strategies, and Anju exploring the advantages of CTMS adoption for sponsors, CROs, and associated stakeholders.

    View this webinar recording and you will:
    • Understand the crucial role of CRAs in trial success
    • Discover strategies to optimize resources and slash timelines
    • Explore game-changing features of CTMS
    • Engage with industry leaders in a dynamic panel discussion


    Don’t miss out—register now to view the webinar and revolutionize your approach to clinical trials!


    In an era where credibility is paramount, establishing a strong foundation early within a partnership is crucial. This webinar explores how to align data, analytics, data-driven decision-making to not only adapt but also stand out in the highly competitive CRO market.
    Anju experts, Elke Ydens, John Coritz, and Mike Loftus hosted a groundbreaking webinar on navigating the complex landscape of sponsor-CRO collaborations.
    In this session, we covered:
    • Credibility in the Fast Lane: Discover strategies to build credibility from the outset, ensuring a robust relationship between sponsors and CROs.  
    • Data-Driven Differentiation: Explore the power of data in reshaping the full-service CRO sales landscape. Learn how leveraging the right data can save time, streamline processes, and provide differentiation crucial for the RFP and Bid Defense process. 
    • Efficiency Through Insights: Gain insights into utilizing data to project realistic timelines, manage resource limitations, and ensure the delivery of high-quality outcomes. 
    Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the challenges of full-service CRO sales and discover how a data-driven approach can set you apart in a dynamic and competitive landscape. View the webinar and unlock the keys to successful sponsor-CRO collaborations

    This webinar on meeting diversity goals in clinical trials, co-hosted by Laura Acosta, Anju’s VP of Product Management, and Elke Ydens, our Associate Director of Business Solutions, explores how regulatory agencies, CROs, and industry leaders are striving to enhance accessibility to clinical trials for under served populations, aligned with the DEPICT ACT’s call for Diversity Action Plans. Discover innovative strategies and technology’s role in this pivotal mission. Watch recording here.

    Our Anju hosts welcomed St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Senior Manager-Clinical Research Systems from the Department of Cancer Center Administration Namratha Intha to talk about challenges with complex trials such as oncology, and how finding the right EDC solution can help you meet those challenges. Register here to view the webinar.

    The industry is constantly changing and looking for ways to do more with less. Leveraging a self-service portal for medical information does just that. The iCare MAX Webinar will showcase how medical information teams will reduce, if not eliminate, the routine/standard questions that are asked by “customers” via our self-service options. Register here to view the webinar.

    The right key opinion leader or KOL identification — with whom medical science liaisons (MSL) communicate and engage — can transform the effectiveness of the medical affairs and field medical teams. The MSL-KOL relationship can be crucial to successful patient outcomes.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to move your MSL-KOL relationships from perfunctory to powerful. Join the featured speakers in reviewing the importance of KOL Identification and management and learn how to leverage the right technology and tools to create a quality engagement.

    This webinar focuses on the various solutions needed for conducting decentralized clinical trials (DCTs)/hybrid clinical trials, including the interoperable technologies and partnerships required to provide the best patient experience.

    Watch this webinar for ways to engage and retain patients and the factors to consider for implementing a successful end-to-end solution when evaluating or adopting technologies used in decentralized/hybrid clinical trials.

    Watch our webinar to learn how artificial intelligence-assisted insights are helping medical affairs to measure outcomes, improve decision-making and reveal previously hidden impact insights.

    During the conference Anju Senior Solutions Engineer, Medical Affairs Division, Steven Anzuini, presented a Hot Topic session titled “Managing Investigator and Internally Sponsored Publications”.

    Anju Software has designed a compliant Approval Request solution within its Medical Affairs software, Pubstrat MAX. With Pubstrat MAX, anyone can easily submit a request to have their data or documents approved before sharing with internal teams or disclosing to the public. Anju’s Approval Request feature enables both internal and external stakeholders to answer a few questions, upload their document, and monitor the status of their request easily and compliantly.

    Let’s talk about how a compliant request solution can help streamline your organization’s publication approval process.

    On Wednesday, October 27th, Reed Mclaughlin and Kelly Malloy from Anju Software joined Donald L. Davis on the Life Science Success podcast. The discussion was centered around Reed and Kelly’s perspectives on the evolution of the Medical Affairs function, how it continues to emerge as a strategic pillar within life sciences organizations, and its critical importance to driving patient outcomes. They discussed how Anju Software medical affairs solutions like IRMS MAX and Pubstrat MAX are being leveraged to optimize work across medical affairs to increase effectiveness and leverage insights to ensure the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time.

    The DIA Medical Information and Communications Conference is designed by medical information professionals for medical information professionals, building on a long series of very successful past editions. In this conference, we will leverage learnings on how to improve customers’ experience as they engage with pharma/biotech companies via various touchpoints. We will also explore when and how to successfully partner with suppliers.

    Join Anju Software’s Global Customer Success Senior VP of Sales, Reed McLaughlin, and ProPharma Group’s Medical Information Supervisor, Americas, Stephanie Pruett and Medical Information Manager, Rachel Carlton for an Anju Software-sponsored on-demand session: Pre and Current COVID Medical Information Call Center World. The thought-provoking session, held on October 14 at 12:30 PM CET, looks at how a Medical Information Call Center adapts from a pre-COVID world to service their customer base during a global pandemic.

    IRMS MAX, the gold standard of Medical Information solutions, offers unsurpassed capabilities, an intuitive user experience, and the ability to deliver the right information, to the right consumer, at the right time. Anju Software is leading the charge in assisting medical information practitioners adapt in a COVID world.

    You don’t want to miss this insightful on-demand session. Click here to watch.

    Anju Software was a proud Gold Sponsor of the Pharma Europe meeting, formerly known as eyeforpharma Barcelona. Our  Data Science Solutions Specialist Elke Ydens gave a presentation about empowering your MSLs with the power of data. You can watch the recording here.

    Innovation Theater: Utilizing Adaptive Technology Systems to Get the Most From Decentralized Trials

    How can you navigate your own challenges in this evolving clinical trial environment? Learn how harnessing technology and data will help your transition from traditional trials to hybrid and decentralized trials. Kim Rejndrup presented jointly with Laura Acosta on “Utilizing Adaptive Technology Systems to Get the Most from Decentralized Trials” in the Innovation Theater. More specifically, this presentation sharing insights on:

    • how technology can assist you with country/investigator selection
    • how to gain a complete view of your trials from multiple data sources
    • how to design a hybrid monitoring strategy
    • how to reduce study set-up time
    • and how to minimize cost and disruption during mid-study protocol amendments

    Utilizing Adaptive Systems to Get the Most from Decentralized Trials

    How can you navigate your own challenges in this evolving clinical trial environment? Learn how harnessing technology will help your transition from traditional trials to hybrid and decentralized trials. Kim Rejndrup, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Anju Software, presented on “Utilizing Adaptive Systems to Get the Most from Decentralized Trials”. This presentation sharing insights on:

    • How to design a hybrid study
    • How to reduce study set-up time
    • How to better manage mid-study protocol amendments
    • How to get SDTM data out
    • Integration points
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