eClinical Suite

Accelerating the Execution and Management of Clinical Trials

The Anju eClinical Suite is the most adaptable clinical solution for life sciences, containing best of breed applications for all phases and complexities of clinical trials that can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing infrastructure. Our goal is to provide world class capabilities supported by unparalleled data, content, and analytics solutions in a way that suits YOUR unique needs and that will augment, not disrupt, your business.

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Electronic Data Capture Solution

TrialMaster OnLight

Streamline the collection, processing and submission of clinical trial data expediting time to market. The most intuitive EDC Suite on the market featuring superior usability and flexibility, TrialMaster is your EDC solution for Phase I-IV clinical trials.

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Clinical Trial Management Solution

CTMS Master OnLight

Connecting users and key trial details and metrics to maximize insights and effortlessly manage clinical trials, CTMS Master is a premier clinical trial management system that keeps your trials on track with streamlined workflows and intuitive trial tools.

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Randomization and Trial Supply Management Solution

RTSM Master OnLight

Reduce your deliverable timelines, save costs and eliminate stress by using RTSM Master to manage your complex subject randomization and trial supply management. RTSM Master provides configurable trial modules for subject screening and randomization, clinical supply management and investigational product assignments at designated drug dispensing visits.

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Electronic Trial Master File Solution

eTMF Master OnLight

Create and manage your Trial Master File (TMF) using eTMF Master's advanced content management capabilities. Improve team collaboration and productivity, reduce auditing and reporting costs, and ensure enhanced artifact quality by easily bringing together information from your clinical trials and mapping them into your eTMF.

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AnjuEPS eSource and site automation

AnjuEPS OnLight

AnjuEPS is the leading eSource and site automation solution that enables your Early Phase clinic to rapidly capture reliable data from volunteer recruitment all the way through to study submission. AnjuEPS minimizes data errors, and allows easy access to data for quickly making key safety decisions.

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TA-Scan clinical intelligence tool for clinical study planning and implementation

TA Scan OnLight-1

TA Scan is a comprehensive clinical intelligence tool that aggregates and analyzes clinically relevant public and private data to facilitate and accelerate data-driven decision-making for all aspects of clinical study planning and implementation.

  • Single source of truth
  • Weekly data update
  • Powerful analytics and visualizations
  • Built-in trial feasibility wizard

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Anju is dedicated to the process of enhancing a patient’s quality of life by reducing the time to market of essential life-saving treatments.

Phase I-IV

Look to Anju for unparalleled, industry-leading solutions for clinical studies.

Are you looking for solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and scale as your needs grow? Anju Solutions use our dynamic technology platform to connect, merge and link data from a wide variety of sources.

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