Scientific Information on-demand

Maximize Clinician Visits with Best-in-Class Content Delivery

The mobile app provides field personnel with rapid, on-demand access to the right information, enabling more effective exchange with experts, greater credibility, increased transparency, and improved collaboration.

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Easy and Efficient Scientific Exchange

Presents your entire portfolio’s scientific content and intelligence in a well-organized, intuitive interface, enabling the rapid sharing of information during an exchange between your field team and the experts, clinicians, and opinion leaders they serve.


Single Source for Diverse Content

Delivers curated, relevant, and timely pre-approved content from diverse sources to users based on their preferences and areas of interest, such as particular therapeutic areas, disease states, and/or products.


Insights on Impact

Provides insights into how Medical Affairs information and content is being used to educate, inform, and impact clinical behavior and patient outcomes.

Key Capabilities

Smart Tiles intuitively organize scientific content according to Therapeutic and Disease Areas and allow for customization of image files to clearly indicate a clinical modality and the sourced materials housed inside.

MedExpert MAX search capabilities are what users have come to expect from Anju’s suite of scientific content and communications solutions: fast, effective, and tailored perfectly to match search criteria. Using our modern integrated core technologies, performing IRMS content searches is easy.

Users can refine curated scientific content from our IRMS servers and external links. Smart Filtering ensures your entire portfolio’s scientific content and intelligence is conveniently accessible with the tap of a finger.

The mobile application’s Workspace provides a personalized experience through the use of smart filtering, advanced search capabilities, and bookmarked scientific content. The user-tailored Workspace ensures the content they need most is always at their fingertips.

Administrative users can send Notifications and Announcements to push out the latest information to users on new, updated, or expiring content. Users may subscribe to automatically receive certain content.

MedExpert MAX allows users to add documents to their Workspace for viewing on-the-go. Important content can be downloaded to any device for offline use.

Transform your medical engagements by delivering scientific information in the field.

Deliver curated, applicable, and timely content directly to MSLs and other field-based Medical Affairs personnel.

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