Anju Medical Affairs Webinar: Mastering Scientific Communication Plans within Medical Affairs

In the ever-evolving field of medical affairs, mastering Scientific Communication Plans (SCP) is crucial for ensuring impactful dissemination of scientific information. This webinar, hosted by industry experts, delves into the significance of SCPs, the role of advanced publication management platforms, and the synergistic benefits of integrating your SCP and publication management platform.

View this webinar, and you will:

  • Understand the fundamental importance of Scientific Communication Plans in medical affairs and how they ensure the impactful dissemination of scientific information.
  • Discover the advantages of utilizing publication management platforms for better organization, increased efficiency, compliance, and maximizing the impact of scientific communications.
  • Explore the synergistic benefits of integrating Pubstrat MAX and, including improved collaboration and visibility, through practical case studies and examples.

This informative session was brought to you by Anju and 9 Labs experts, Steven Anzuini, Rachel Sheldon, and Justin Erswell, and is designed to empower medical affairs professionals with the knowledge and tools to master strategic communication and publication management.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your expertise and streamline your processes with industry-leading platforms!
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Rachel Sheldon, Senior Director of Product Management for eClinical at Anju, Rachel Sheldon began her career twelve years ago in medical publications after transitioning from hospitality. With a BA in English from Penn State University, Rachel excels in leveraging language and communication to support global scientific content dissemination. Actively involved in ISMPP, she stays updated through industry roundtables, conferences, client meetings, and independent research, driving innovation and collaboration while taking immense pride in Pubstrat MAX’s advancements under her leadership.
Steven Anzuini, Senior Solution Engineer at Anju, Steven Anzuini brings over a decade of experience in the life sciences software industry, with seven years dedicated to Anju after its acquisition of OpenQ in 2017. With a BS in Communication from James Madison University, Steven draws inspiration from industry leaders like Jim Zuffiletti and actively engages with associations like ISMPP to stay updated on industry trends.   
Justin Erswell, Head of Product at 9LABS, Justin leads the development of digital solutions for pharma and biotech, managing the engineering team. With over 20 years in IT and software development, Justin has worked on diverse projects, including CRM rollouts, mobile apps, VR experiences, and educational web apps for pharmaceutical clients. He is dedicated to creating high-performance, visually appealing software and leads the development of, a pioneering web-based solution for Scientific Communication Platforms.
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