Webinar: TA Scan – Differentiating RFPs

In an era where credibility is paramount, establishing a strong foundation early within a partnership is crucial. This webinar explores how to align data, analytics, and data-driven decision-making to not only adapt but also stand out in the highly competitive CRO market.
Anju experts, Elke Ydens, John Coritz, and Mike Loftus hosted this groundbreaking webinar on navigating the complex landscape of sponsor-CRO collaborations.
In this session, we covered: 
  • Credibility in the Fast Lane: Discover strategies to build credibility from the outset, ensuring a robust relationship between sponsors and CROs.  
  • Data-Driven Differentiation: Explore the power of data in reshaping the full-service CRO sales landscape. Learn how leveraging the right data can save time, streamline processes, and provide differentiation crucial for the RFP and bid defense process. 
  • Efficiency Through Insights: Gain insights into utilizing data to project realistic timelines, manage resource limitations, and ensure the delivery of high-quality outcomes. 


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the challenges of full-service CRO sales. Anju’s data-driven approach is the key to standing out in a dynamic and competitive landscape. View the webinar below and unlock the keys to successful sponsor-CRO collaborations. Your success is our success, and we are ready to partner with you on this journey.

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Elke Ydens, Associate Director of Business Solutions. Elke joined Anju’s Data Division over 4 years ago and currently holds the position of Associate Director of Business Solutions. She serves as a Subject Matter Expert for Anju’s Data Science offerings and is involved in identifying prospect/customer requirements and needs. Elke holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and has almost 10 years of experience in the Life Sciences sector, including post-doctoral research positions in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry

Mike Loftus Vice President, CRO Partner Program. In his role at Anju Software, Michael steers the sales and partnership strategy, specializing in CROs and Academic Research for the company’s eClinical and Data Science solutions. Boasting 18 years of expertise in the life sciences and healthcare sector, he possesses a proven record of overcoming challenges, delivering substantial value to customers, and establishing trust with C-level executives. His overarching mission is to expedite superior insights in clinical research and drug development by harnessing Anju’s advanced technology. Serving as a board advisor at ConnectionsGT, a healthcare communication platform, and as a director at PoC Capital, a family office supporting public microcap biotech companies, he brings additional prowess in biotech financing and strategy. His passion lies in uniting and empowering the life sciences and healthcare community, championing innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to mutual understanding.
John Coritz, Senior Director of Customer Success. John Coritz is the Senior Director of Customer Success, Anju Software, boasting an impressive career spanning over 30 years in Pharma, Clinical Trials, Digital Technology, Data Analytics, and Strategic Clinical Planning. An advocate of transparent communication, John is a firm believer in consolidating all business intelligence data sources to facilitate informed and actionable decision-making. With a wealth of experience, he stands as a seasoned professional dedicated to advancing success in the intersection of pharmaceuticals, technology, and strategic planning.
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