Download the Use Case: TA Scan Trial Planning

Trial Planning Use Case. TA Scan: The Right Tool for Support across the Drug Development Life Cycle – from Trial Planning to Commercialization

Clinical operations executives know that trial planning is extremely complex, can be time-consuming, and requires high precision in every stage of the process, so efficiently finding and aggregating data into insights is crucial. Anju is here to simplify these complexities and provide impactful results with our web-based clinical intelligence solution, TA Scan. TA Scan analyzes, measures, and ranks trial and site data, including KOL and PI experience and involvement, and is designed to support your entire clinical study workflow. Download our use case to discover how TA Scan can help you with trial planning through the following steps:

  • understanding the competitive landscape
  • estimating patient enrollment benchmarks
  • identifying sites with capacity to recruit and that support your diversity strategies
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