Reed McLaughlin

Senior Vice President of Sales, Medical Affairs

As Senior Vice President of Sales, Reed McLaughlin has over 14 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry and has been with Anju Software since 2009. Reed started the Account Management function within the Anju organization and has continued to monitor it as it evolved into Customer Success. Reed has grown the business successfully since 2019 and continues working to improve Anju’s offering to customers and clients.  

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Springfield College in Massachusetts, Reed has been able to utilize his education and experience to curate the customer experience and craft a diverse portfolio for Anju Software. Reed divides his time between LinkedIn networking, regularly attending conferences, and reading up on industry-specific articles, papers, and magazines to craft Global Customer Success. Reed has been part of Anju’s Medical Affairs division for 7 years and has used his time to build important connections across the Pharmaceutical Industry.   

Reed McLaughlin has utilized his skills in Customer Service, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Project Management and Leadership to create a wholesome and robust environment at Anju that caters to the client experience and benefits every employee. As a direct participant in Sales and Customer Service, Reed has helped elevate Anju toward a brighter future. You can connect with him via LinkedIn.


Springfield College
Bachelor of Arts
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