Tim Lyons

Senior Vice President of Operations

As a trusted advisor to board members and C-level executives, Tim Lyons utilizes his position as Senior Vice President of Operations to elevate Anju Software and create forward-thinking teams that ensure projects deliver exceptional customer value. An irreplaceable figure in terms of leadership, perspective, and setting, Tim’s ability to assemble key members and execute goals is second to none. Tim brings a unique skill set to the table and implements solutions based on thorough investigation, critical thinking, and outside-the-box solutions. As a member of Anju Software, Tim’s approaches are key to moving projects forward and navigating through the toughest obstacles.  

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Tim has been able to utilize his unique blend of education, skills, and analysis to directly attune to what each client needs. Building rapport with clients is central to the philosophies of Anju Software, and Tim delivers quick and excellent results that propel the company forward.  

By spending time as a Data Systems Designer, Clinical Project Manager, and Operations Manager, Tim spent over a decade in Product Management, Software Development, and Operations. Tim’s approach to management is paramount to Anju Software’s ethos, and he continuously builds teams that bring the company into the future. You can follow him on LinkedIn


University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Arts
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