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Technology that Scales with You

The Anju Technology is the foundation for our innovative solutions. It provides core components that enable our solutions to integrate with any application, work with a variety of data types, and interrogate your data to gain valuable insights.

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Secured Global Repository

Single source of truth that allows storage of all discrete and non-discrete content in all formats (including audio, image, and video files) in a common database that can be hosted in the cloud or on premise.


Streamlined Workflows

Collaboratively create quality content while maintaining control. Utilize pre-configured workflows or design your own to suit your organization's process needs.


Powerful Search

Use the powerful search feature to locate content based on its attributes, keywords, properties, or location within the database.


Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Make cross-functional collaboration a breeze with our unique task distribution, management, and tracking capabilities.


Seamless Integration

Connect data silos through seamless integration with any third-party system. Built-in adapters link to Anju’s Medical Affairs and eClinical suites products.


Dashboard Insights

Gain insight on the overall state of your content through the Dashboard View. Create custom charts and reports using Natural Language Query in the Dashboard and Report Designer.


Editing Made Easy and Trackable

Seamless Office 365 integration built in provides editing capabilities within the Anju Technology. Audit trail shows expiry notifications, periodic review initiation and content edits.


Mobile Applications

The Anju Technology supports agnostic mobile app development for clinical and medical affairs use cases.

Feature Details

The Anju Technology has a library of high quality, reliable, pre-built adapters to help reduce cost and time to market the integration project. Each adapter is based on real-world requirements, industry standard protocols, database and queueing technologies. Pre-built adapters are available for CRM Apps like SalesForce, Veeva, MS CRM, and other standard apps. The adapters provide a unidirectional or bi-directional flow of data.

The data repository within the Anju Technology supports a variety of data types. The platform leverages SQL and No-SQL technology to enable you to store, search, and manage a variety of records. 

Eye-opening dashboards with vast arrays of built-in analytics, visuals, layouts and filters are quickly brought to life with the easy-to-use Dashboard Designer.

Near-natural language queries allow custom building and refining of reports with tailored data sets, filters, and dynamic drill-downs simply through English-like guided searches.

Technology That Integrates & Scales with You

Are you looking for solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and scale as your needs grow? Anju Solutions use our dynamic technology to connect, merge, and link data from a wide variety of sources.

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