Pubstrat MAX - Scientific Publications and Medical Communication Management Software

Streamline Your Entire Medical Communication Process

With Pubstrat MAX you can reach your target audiences faster to maximize the value and outcome of scientific publications and medical communications and the team that produces them - more rapidly and with greater impact.

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State-of-the-art Publication Planning

Offers the most intuitive, compliant, and effective content planning and management capabilities in a SaaS solution

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Engage Efficiently, in Real Time Across the Globe

Engage reviewers, approvers and authors across the globe and in real time on a web-based application that keeps your team connected, compliant and more efficient by eliminating time-consuming manual comment and draft reconciliation.


Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

Pubstrat MAX features an exclusive integration with Journal Selector and Conference Authority, the industry's most comprehensive database for
scientific conference and journal optimization, giving your team the unparalleled ability to target the most appropriate venues, then manage projects to key conference deadlines and journal lead times.


Extended Reach and Connection Through Content

Pubstrat MAX’s Technology Platform is built with a powerful content management tool designed to support the entire content life cycle and to extend the reach of your content to your colleagues.

Key Capabilities

JSCA allows you to easily search, analyze and identify the right venues to reach your target audiences. JSCA’s synchronization with TA Scan makes it the largest and most up-to-date database for scientific conference and journal optimization in the industry.

Pubstrat MAX is the only content development and publication management application in the industry with true online collaboration and simultaneous editing capabilities. Cooperate on drafts, reviews, and approvals on documents to achieve a high degree of transparency, alignment, and efficiency for all scientific and medical communication initiatives.

The Approval Request Feature is integrated with Pubstrat MAX and designed so anyone can easily submit a request to have their data or documents approved before sharing with internal teams or disclosing to the public. Leveraging the platform’s Workflow and Decision Matrix functionalities, the Approval Request Feature enables both internal and external stakeholders to answer a few questions, upload their document, and monitor the status of their request.

Track KPIs, receive important project alerts, and benefit from real-time analytics on planned, active, and completed projects. Users can customize their dashboard experience based on their unique needs for information and insights.