Quality Assurance Module


IRMS (Information Request Management System) is Anju’s recognized system for Medical Affairs input. Our system allows you to easily capture requests for medical information, adverse events, and product complaints and quickly respond to those requests and accurately report and track all necessary activity irrespective of what system you use for AE or Product Complaints. Our system will funnel the information based on the type of input to the right software and track that it is tracked and acted on. Anju BUS and AI based data movement, the input into Anju would provide one source of tracking ALL input for Medical Affairs group.


More and more companies are co-promoting products, applying for new indications for existing products, and working with external vendors and partners, all of which create a blizzard of communications. In today’s market, it has become vitally important to monitor and regularly review the information being provided externally for quality, consistency and accuracy.

IRMS-Quality Assurance provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for reviewing IRMS cases or other data and reporting on the results of those reviews.

IRMS-QA allows a department to use virtually any criteria to create business rules for the identification and flagging of cases. Flagged cases are assigned to reviewers and are immediately available via the IRMS Inbox. The reviewer then has the ability to evaluate a case in real time and enter comments, suggestions and log potential concerns. Customized levels of severity can be assigned to each case and detail and summary reports can then be generated on the entire QA process.

Some key features include:

  • Flag cases based on criteria
  • Create custom levels of severity
  • Add comments, suggestions or concerns
  • Create detailed quality reports

IRMS is the industry standard for medical information management software.

Anju has developed technology solutions that enhance the value of its core vertical products.

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Modules that extend base IRMS functionality and allow you to customize for your requirements:


Quality Assurance Module

IRMS-QA provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for reviewing IRMS cases or other data and reporting on the results of those reviews.

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Adverse Event Module

IRMS-AE allows for the capture of detailed Adverse Event data, from patient and medication information to MedDRA coding and outcome data.

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Product Complaint Module

IRMS-PC can handle all your product complaint tracking and correspondence data seamlessly from within a case or simply capture the required information.

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Content Management Module

IRMS-CM is a web-based solution that allows multiple departments to generate , review and manage MI materials.

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Self-Service Portal

HCP’s and consumers search for published content that has been approved by the client.

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