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TA Scan CRM provides an out-of-the-box, repeatable framework which allows ‘off-line’ data access for highly effective pre-call planning and face-to-face interactions to manage and optimize KOL relationships.



As a preferred partner of, TA Scan CRM ensures compliance by providing the necessary built-in firewalls to render KOL data and activity reporting by those responsible for managing KOL relationships while ensuring all activities are mapped to a Fair Market Value (FMV) Assessment.



TA Scan CRM provides up-to-date KOL information in real-time. It also allows configurability for modification depending on your needs.



TA Scan CRM’s integration with TA Scan enables you to build a KOL master list, allowing your organization to manage the entire Medical Expert life cycle with a suite of tools built around the everyday activities for driving the success of your KOL programs.

Key Capabilities

Easily navigate native mobile apps that are fully integrated and include offline access.

TA Scan CRM is built natively on the platform, is fully integrated with TA Scan, and can seamlessly integrate with many of your own internal solutions, including CRM and Medical Information.

Compliant engagement for regulated interactions with customers, featuring a mobile compliance content management library and compliant e-signatures.

Identify and engage the best thought leaders for your brand through robust identification, profiling, and screening.

Gather instant field feedback, measure impact, and improve performance management.

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