Barbara Argibay Gonzalez

Vice President, General Manager – Data Division

Barbara Argibay brings over 15 years of experience in Data and Research to her position as Vice President, General Manager – Data Division at Anju Software.  She leads the Anju Data Division, overseeing TA Scan and data sciences product development, engineering, operations, and business development. Barbara’s education and experience makes her an irreplaceable member of the Anju Software team, empowering life sciences companies through the power of data and innovation.  

Throughout her career, she has been involved in diverse roles where data-driven strategies paired with actionable insights had a remarkable impact on research and clinical operations. With high commitment to excellence, at the core of Barbara’s experience lies the ability to understand market challenges and push the status quo to drive positive change within the life sciences industry. As people leader, Barbara has nurtured a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation, fostering a high-performing and engaged team.  

Barbara holds a PhD in Medicine, with honors cum laude and special mention to Extraordinary PhD award, MS and BSc in Physics by the University of Santiago de Compostela. 

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University of Santiago de Compostela
PhD in Medicine
University of Santiago de Compostela
Master of Science, Bachelor of Science in Physics
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