Artificial Intelligence in Medical Affairs — Aligning Field Engagement with Strategy

Medical affairs teams in pharma companies play a vital role in communicating accurate information to healthcare providers and managing relationships with key thought leaders and stakeholders.

Medical affairs is often seen as a branch of the two other strategic pillars of pharma — R&D and Commercial — but in many ways, is the center for the generation and communication of accurate medical and scientific information. This branch connects internal and external stakeholders. It is the bridge between healthcare providers, patients and internal scientific and commercial partners.

Medical affairs teams are now faced with the reality that data is abundant, and information is traveling faster than ever. In addition, different data formats are needed to build strategy, create new publications and grow awareness of patient conditions.

With the help of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), medical affairs is seeing a transformation of disparate data into actionable insights.

Watch our webinar to learn more about the application of AI in medical affairs.

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