TA Scan Essential - Advanced KOL Identification

Advanced KOL Identification

TA Scan Essential provides state-of the-art KOL identification and profiling with all the power of the TA Scan data processing and analytics engine. TA Scan Essential integrates a deep and broad range of public and private data sources of medical and clinical information for enhancing accelerated, precise decision-making to execute stakeholder education and go-to-market strategies faster and more effectively.

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Single Source of Truth

When commercial and medical affairs teams use traditional methods to define Healthcare Providers (HCPs), about a third of the active researchers are still missed. TA Scan Essential helps you identify HCPs and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) with the right research footprint and experience levels, which significantly shortens search and total research time. TA Scan Essential technology also extracts insights across the global healthcare system from an integrated data lake that connects disparate database sources into a unified view. This approach enables actionable intelligence spanning an entire indication without having to go into multiple data silos. You can also supplement this public data with private data for a 360° view on the reality of your healthcare landscape.


Indication-Specific Influencer Scoring

TA Scan Essential enables granular ranking and scoring of HCPs within specific indications, measuring the activity or prominence level of an HCP or HCO in comparison to peers. Leverage TA Scan Essential’s high-precision scoring to:

  • Identify KOLs who could help with your educational initiatives based on their global and local connections
  • Segment up-and-coming KOLs for advisory boards
  • Rely on clinical and scientific footprints for publication initiatives
  • Gain insight on competitive intelligence from fee disclosures
  • Get deeper insights from the integration of public and private data through custom scores and rankings

Complex Data Visualization

  • Bring your data to life with intuitive graphs, maps, scoreboards, and Gantt charts
  • Get the insights you need by interacting with your graphs and changing the displayed data at any time
  • Effortlessly jump from one interconnected data point to another for a deep dive on associated organizations, trials, collaborators or publications
  • Uncover KOL networks and asses the strength of their connections
Product-TA Scan private data

Data Integration

With the power of the TA Scan data processing and analytics engine, you can integrate any public or private data set with the standard TA Scan Essential public database for a 360° view on your clinical and medical landscape incorporating your prior experience.

Key Capabilities

Rely on accurate public data that is updated automatically and manually checked and curated on a weekly basis.

TA Scan Essential welcomes any kind of data you would like to add: CRM, social media, claims data, KOL or site master lists, event attendees, sales and market potential data, treatment data, and so forth.

To save time, Medical and Commercial field teams can access their KOL and site data on the go. TA Scan Essential is a browser-based, tablet-compatible application that facilitates data searches and visualization.

Leverage TA Scan's algorithms to identify KOLs affiliated with an organization and dive into their profiles.

TA Scan Essential and its multiparameter selection allow your field team to identify new engagement and business opportunities by discovering new trials.

With TA Scan Essential you can create and share custom data lists and tag specific individuals. Lists and profiles are shareable between and within TA Scan Essential and TA Scan. Spend less time preparing for congresses, event execution and follow-through. Optimize speaker program attendance by identifying attendees and speakers through past event data and speaking engagements.

TA Scan Essential translates your business requirements into custom scores and rankings to improve your KOL and site identification.

TA Scan Essential provides user-level custom insights that answer your business questions effectively, saving time in performing specific searches and analytics.

Are You Still Missing 34% of Active Healthcare Professionals?

Unleash the power of multiple, aggregated data sources and give your field team a quick, 360° view on their KOL landscape so they can effectively target the right experts to optimize your Medical Affairs programs.
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