Yaku-Kon Seminar

The 66th Yaku-Kon Seminar in Ghent, Belgium

Anju’s Market Manager for Clinical Insights, Alexandra Moens, was invited by Maruho Co.,Ltd as a keynote speaker at the 66th Yaku-Kon Seminar in Ghent, Belgium. The goal of the seminar was to bring Japanese experts in Europe from several of the global Japanese companies together. This meeting happens once a year and is by invitation only. There were 35 attendees from 10 different Pharma companies like: his was a great opportunity for Anju to present our product portfolio in front of new companies and interested parties.

Alexandra presented an analysis on the evolution in clinical trials in global companies, based on public domain data. Ms. Moens did a full analysis on the clinical trial evolution over the last 5 years, some challenges companies are facing these days and how ta-Scan can be and has been an aid in clinical processes.  The presentation was received very positively by the attendees and several questions lead to interesting discussions afterwards during the networking event.

One of the organizers, Maruho, is a client of ta-Scan, an Anju solution, and had requested a few months back if Ms. Moens would be interested in being the keynote speaker at the seminar.  If you are interested in hearing more information regarding the full analysis on the clinical trial evolution over the last 5 years, Alexandra would be excited to share her presentation with you.  Please contact her directly at alexandra.moens@anjusoftware.com.

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