Our Most Anticipated Events at DIA MASC 2023

DIA’s Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications (MASC) Forum will take place April 17–19, 2023, at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California.

In addition to the in-person event, DIA MASC offers primers and short courses in a virtual format. These events will take place April 11, 12, and 14, prior to the in-person forum.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to at this year’s DIA MASC event.

Virtual Short Courses and Primers

These virtual events will help medical affairs professionals hone their understanding of medical communications, writing, and advertising.

Medical Communications

The virtual medical communications primer will take place April 11 and April 12 for two half-day sessions. These primers will cover the responsibilities of medical communications staff and the challenges they face.

Designed for those who have recently entered the biopharmaceutical industry, this course provides industry-level perspectives on medical communications.

Medical Writing

The virtual medical writing primer will take place the afternoon of April 12 following the conclusion of the Medical Communications primer. This event is designed to help MA professionals connect the dots between the various forms of writing they’re called to do and the many experts on medical writing who can assist with any given project.

The event will bring medical writers and MA professionals together for a better understanding of their shared fields.

Advertising and Promotional Content: The Role of Medical Information

On April 14, DIA MASC will offer a virtual short course on advertising and promotional content. This course will dive into the relationship between medical information and review roles, discussing the data requirements for product claims and the need for strong communication. Real-life case examples will provide illustrations and ground for discussion.


The DIA MASC Forum

The Forum itself will kick off April 17. In-person Forum events will be organized into three tracks: medical communications, medical writing, and medical science liaisons.

On the medical communications track, we’re looking forward to the afternoon session on April 18, Digital and Innovative Technology for Medical Communication. Chaired by Marie-Ange Noue, senior director and head of scientific communications at EMD Serono, this session will focus on understanding the value and impact of digital excellence, with specific emphasis on the uses of machine learning, AI, and virtual reality.

Also on April 18, the medical writing track will offer a session called Innovative Technology for Medical Writers. The session chair will be Diane Cleverley, senior regulatory writer at Synchrogenix. The session will focus on the work of moving medical writing to a digital environment, which documents benefit from technological tools, and how to connect technology effectively with medical writing.

On the medical science liaison track, we eagerly anticipate the April 18 morning session chaired by Sonja Hokett, executive director and head of medical managed care at BioXcel therapies. This session, The Future is Now — Digital Health Therapeutics and Supportive Technologies, will focus on how to integrate patient-facing digital tools like medical wearables into the health technologies conversation, as well as how to gather real-world data and support patients in the use of these technologies.

DIA MASC is “designed for medical affairs professionals, by medical affairs professionals” — and it shows. Whether you’re interested in specific topics, want to expand your horizons, or simply wish to network with fellow medical affairs professionals, DIA MASC offers virtual and in-person opportunities to do so.

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