DIA Medical Information and Communications Conference

As the proven leader in medical information management systems, we recognize how important it is that MI departments utilize the best technology available to meet their dynamic demands for medical information. Our Medical Information system allows you to easily capture requests for medical information, adverse events, and product complaints and quickly respond to those requests and accurately report and track all necessary activity irrespective of what system you use for AE or Product Complaints.

Visit us in the exhibition area or make an appointment with Reed McLaughlin, VP of Sales or Steven Anzuini, Customer Success Manager. They will show you why IRMS is Anju’s recognized system for Medical Affairs input.

About The DIA Medical Information and Communications Conference & Exhibition 2019

We are in the 13th year of the annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference. This is a unique meeting organised by medical information professionals for medical information professionals. This year’s agenda includes patient communications, developing medical information content, shaping the future of medical information, automation and digital developments. Participants are encouraged to take part in workshops and discussions within the sessions. This is also a great opportunity to network with your colleagues.


  • Share your experiences, learn from others and discuss best practice
  • Participate in practical workshops and solve current business problems
  • Learn about innovations in digital communications and use of new technologies
  • Reconnect with colleagues, build new relationships and extend your network
  • Engage in discussion with leaders in Medical Information and Communications

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