Global Annual Meeting

Insights from DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting hosted thousands of professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities from more than 50 countries around the globe and 400+ exhibiting companies.

12 July 2019 by Alexandra Moens | Manager Commercial Operations Data Division

Anju Software attended the DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. As DIA is one of the largest meetings in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, it is the perfect place for sponsors, vendors and healthcare institutions to gather, share opinions, and learn from each other about the latest trends and struggles.

Our booth highlighted a broad portfolio of software solutions for the life sciences, the Anju team had the chance to talk to all sorts of attendees. Our team also attended some sessions and learned more about hot topics like trial diversity, virtual trials, and how AI, machine learning and other trends are playing a role in the future of drug development and regulatory instances.

With DIA being a meeting focused on regulatory and medical data and information, it came as no surprise that most attendees showed interest in PubStrat (publication planning software), IRMS (medical information software), and ClinPlus (CTMS, EDC and eClinical reporting software). Nonetheless, several people also had questions about Zephyr and how it is expected to evolve in the upcoming months, as they already knew the product prior to the acquisition by Anju.

This meeting was an ideal place to talk to vendors competing with the other Anju divisions, teaching us about the common factors and the things that make us different. It’s reassuring that each company has its own focal points, allowing many different players to act in this field and providing all sorts of software solutions for all stages of the drug development process.

I also had a chance to listen to some speakers and panel discussions, which made me realize that companies are more open to the idea of partnerships with providers who combine several services, instead of having multiple individual vendors to be incorporated in their processes. This also has to do with the importance of data continuity and security these days, still allowing options to share data as well.

Another recurring hot topic is the need to understand patient communities better. Sponsors are becoming more and more aware of the differences in the needs and cultures of patient populations, as well as correct engagement with sites. It’s no longer possible to assume that all patients have the same requirements and desires when they are being recruited for new clinical trials.

We hope our presence at the DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting has strengthened Anju Software’s brand awareness as a comprehensive software and data platform amongst industry professionals in the life sciences space and that the knowledge we gained will be an advantage in our upcoming business strategies.

Our team members in attendance:
Reed McLaughlin, Vice President of Sales, Medical Affairs
Bob Borysko, Sales Engineer, Clinical Operations
Alexandra Moens, Manager Commercial Operation Data Division
Greg Wagner, Sr. Director of Operations, Clinical Operations

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