Anju Innovation Forum Day 3 Highlights

The final day narrative of the inaugural Anju Innovation Forum was essentially “time is of the essence” combined with a new focus on adaptive and versatile data access and data interpretation solutions. Speed to data without sacrificing quality of data is absolutely critical for continuing to bringing the most promising future therapies to patients and their care providers. While the COVID pandemic has absolutely been a major catalyst for shaking up the industry to seek a new urgency for understanding and appreciating the value of fast and customizable medical data access, new, smart data intelligence approaches to everything from accelerated ramp up of clinical trials to innovations in format and delivery of medical science content will be a permanent change, COVID or not, based on discussion threads in today’s sessions. Pharma clients, trial sponsors and CROs confirmed these assertions in sessions throughout the day and also affirmed that Anju technology is at the forefront of being able to provide the most advanced solutions for giving them the data intelligence “edge” to get them post-COVID and beyond. Decentralized hybrid clinical trials and the elevation of the medical affairs function are just two of the outcomes of the advances of data intelligence technology, take-away themes of Anju Innovation Forum Day 3. Highlights of the data urgency access need include:

  • The ability of AnjuEPS (formerly TrialOne) to expedite early phase clinical trial ramp-up as a hosted cloud app that can quickly compress system implementations to within a couple of months in some cases while addressing all configuration, trial validation, data security and compliance, trial progress monitoring, patient subject recruitment and retention, and external device and site data and tech system integration issues and challenges of phase 1 trials conducted in the U.S. to China
  • The advanced capabilities of impeding new releases of ta-Scan and Zephyr for deeper clinical trial data insights, customized reports integrating previous search data, complex language and semantic data searches by disease and indication, aggregating of all search history and filters on to a single page, grouping of all investigator data intelligence to one source, auto-updating of all data and reports, enhanced data visualization and graphic view formats of data searches and trial status, enhanced ranking and scoring of KOL trial investigators by country, integration of additional public domain data with private client data, new predictive analytics functions and cross-Anju platform integration with new ta-Scan and Zephyr release
  • The advantages of Anju MA KOL data intelligence solutions as an efficient alternative to field team KOL engagement initiatives (over 192 hours spent on in 2020) and new features that will include automated data mining and advanced HCP activity tracking functionality
  • Panel discussion led by Amarin Pharma’s Chet Bhatt on how medical information and affairs are now in the best position, as a result of COVID, to have greater strategic impact by aligning with clinical and other internal areas to drive data intelligence across the pharma organization for improved therapy development that produces better patient health and system economic outcomes based on trusted medical science, and establish digital platforms for disseminating medical and scientific content to stakeholders
  • CRO presentation of how Anju TrialMaster quickly helped them recover from clinical trial stoppages and suspensions during COVID peak periods via transitioning to hybrid virtual/remote study approaches and creating new ways to capture patient subject participation and retention and site data, providing a business case for conducting virtual trials as a norm going forward vs. as a temporary pandemic response
  • A discussion about accelerating new tech and digital-based delivery platforms for communicating and repurposing medical science content across a broader set of patient advocacy and care-based audience preferences, driven by increase in virtual events caused by COVID, including auto disclosure requirement updates and managing increasing budget – impacting journal deliverables requests for article submissions and meetings/medical congress presentations

Day 3 ended with the same theme as it began – a speed and urgency for advances in Anju TrialMaster technology to implement fast trial design.

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