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Anju’s Rapid COVID Study Build in 10 Days with eClinical Suite

Anju has been providing clinical trial platforms for cures in several areas faster than other options

TEMPE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, / Software’s eClinical Suite, which can be deployed quicker than most other full function suites, is proud to have been on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19 since the beginning. At a time with so much to prepare for and complete in such a dire and urgent situation, speed and optimization of resources has proven critical. During this time, we have been honored that many of our sponsors have turned to Anju to help meet this challenge. In one such instance, our Anju technology was able to compress the timeline from project initiation to study go live to just under ten days with four days of design, two days of configuration and one day of quality and compliance .

Anju eClinical Sute offers integrated cTMS, EDC and soon to be released eTMF built around the new AnjuSAFE platform. The suite is augmented by modules for Coding, Randomization, Data Analytics, and comprehensive reporting powered by AnjuDV. Speed to deployment and use is critical to ensure speed of life saving treatment to the market and the Anju suite has been helping speed up setting up the software infrastructure to bring solutions to market faster than previously possible.

“In a time of a health crisis, the medical center is usually the highest level of urgency and everything else takes a back seat. During COVID, medical research took on the highest level of urgency. This has been unprecedented, and is why we reached out to Anju”, as per one of our customers.

In addition to the work on COVID-19, we are proud that our Technology & Our Services have recently supported research in (to name but a few): Oncology, HIV/AIDS, Neurodegenerative Disorders – PD & HD, Addiction & Dependency, Schizophrenia/Bipolar.

About Anju Software

Anju Software provides advanced solutions for the life sciences industry from clinical operations to medical affairs that is adaptive, non-disruptive, and will enable and enhance your existing environment. The strength of Anju’s offering focuses on delivering YOUR PLATFORM, YOUR WAY. Anju will incorporate complementary solutions to YOUR environment, leveraging Anju’s integration technology, creating a tailor-made PLATFORM perfectly suited to meet YOUR needs. Learn more by visiting

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