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Anju’s ECM Tested for Global Scalability

TEMPE, September 24, 2020 – Anju Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that AnjuSafe, a new generation of enterprise content management (ECM) solution, is now certified for scalability by ZenQ, an internationally recognized independent testing group. AnjuSafe offers a content management platform specifically designed for the Life Science industry. Unlike older technology ECM products, the AnjuSafe platform comes with pre-built functionality for Medical Affairs, eClinical, Publication Planning and Workflow Management. In addition, AnjuSafe has built-in tools for data imports, enterprise search and AI-based Data Visualization. AnjuSafe can import, store and visualize both structured and unstructured content including video, medical images, and audio.

A critical core competency of successful life sciences companies is storing medical content from across the enterprise to use when and where needed. Industry studies estimate that more than 70% of all life sciences data is unstructured. SAFE handles both unstructured and structured data in its database. The volume of content is expected to double every 24-months. AnjuSafe is the only company in Life Science using advanced technology to offer comprehensive platform for importing, storing, accessing and visualizing all content requirements for Life Science Companies.

“Enterprises of all sizes can have full confidence that AnjuSafe will perform consistently well, in a secure environment, regardless of the volume and diversity of content or the number of users,” explains Suhas Gudihal, Chief Technology Officer at Anju Software.

Anju Software makes advanced solutions for the life sciences industry from clinical operations to medical affairs that is adaptive, non-disruptive, and will enable and enhance your existing environment. The strength of Anju’s offering focuses on delivering YOUR PLATFORM, YOUR WAY. Anju will incorporate complementary solutions to YOUR environment, leveraging Anju’s integration technology, creating a tailor-made PLATFORM perfectly suited to meet YOUR needs. Learn more by visiting


Bill Leander

Chief Marketing Officer


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