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Anju Launches Life Sciences Big Data Management Platform

Tempe, AZ, April 3, 2020 – Disparate data sources, variations in data formats, and resource-intensive cleansing and mapping requirements have historically posed significant challenges to pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. In response, Anju Software, Inc. announces the first-of-its-kind Big Data Management Platform, purpose-built for life sciences, that enables the full automation and transformation of raw data into trusted data to power new mission-critical insights. Anju’s innovation offers organizations profound levels of interoperability to collect and connect both structured and unstructured data sources, and confidently translate them into the personalized artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, trend/pattern signals and dynamic visualizations essential to accelerating clinical trials and optimizing medical affairs. The platform harnesses cutting-edge technologies to aggregate, validate, reconcile, transform, analyze, and master global data in a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

“Meaningful interpretations of patient medical history, medication compliance, treatment adherence, as well as drug safety and efficacy data will empower organizations to design more effective clinical trials, precisely target the proper patient population, uncover potential safety concerns to improve product labeling, accelerate approval of label extensions for approved therapies, and more. The potential applications are endless,” states Kurien Jacob, Chairman for Anju Software.

Bill Leander, Anju’s Chief Marketing Officer explains, “Structured, unstructured, external and internal data and digital assets are semantically linked, intelligently analyzed, and securely delivered in a self-service manner to decision-makers. The opportunities in front of Pharma companies from the potential gained through effective global patient-centric and decentralized/virtual trials simply cannot be realized without the next-generation capabilities inherent in this type of platform.”

The Big Data Management Factory leverages an advanced combination of Anju’s own technology and leading data solutions such as NoSQL databases (a non-relational database structure that offers greater extensibility in data management). Additional state-of-the-art tools facilitate tasks like automated batch and real-time data ingestion, natural language processing, semantic linking, master data management, workflow collaboration, and AI/Machine Learning-enhanced analytics, all within a scalable, standards-based architectural model. Flexible hosting, along with value-added security for confidential computing, compliance, and governance layers make Anju’s Big Data Management Factory extremely impactful, even within the largest and most complex organizations.

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