Web-based Coding System

Anju Software Launches a Web-based Coding System

One of the greatest challenges to achieving clean data in clinical trials is controlling the consistency of terminology.

Phoenix, AZ, February 12, 2019 – Anju Software, the leading healthcare technology and analytics platform provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its web-based Coding System.  Coding is a powerful tool that enables you to standardize terminology as you enter the information. The web-based coding offering will replace the current Coding system that has been an industry standard for a decade.  The solution can work independently or used with our ClinPlus or IRMS Pharma Pharmacovigilance applications.

The Web Based Solution replaces the current desk top version.  It includes:

  • Global Dictionary Templates
  • Dictionary File Repository
  • Support for MedDRA, WHO Drug B2 and WHO Drug B3 dictionaries as well as custom dictionaries.
  • Thesaurus management
  • Single interface for manual coding review and approval.
  • Ability to ingest individual company medical dictionaries

Kurien Jacob, CEO of Anju Software, Inc. adds, “Although currently focused on Clinical Coding, there are many features of Coding that are applicable across each of the product suites.  This is a stand-alone application that integrates into other platforms.  For our Medical Affairs Division, this Coding application can be utilized when capturing data for our Adverse Event (AE) Module within IRMS to encode safety data”. Anju continues to execute on combining effective software with actionable data to create tremendous value to its customers, which include pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CRO), [full service] agencies and medical device companies.

About Anju Software

Anju Software (“Anju”) is a leading provider of comprehensive software and data solutions to the life sciences industry. Anju provides an integrated platform spanning clinical, medical affairs and commercial operations. Anju has combined deep industry and software domain expertise to build a next generation platform for the life sciences sector that can scale to provide solutions that meet customers’ needs from “molecule to retirement”.  Anju solutions are used by large and small pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, full service agencies and medical device companies. Data flow between functional areas, seamless communication with third party systems and AI-based data mining solutions provide a unique way for Anju customers to leverage critical information throughout their ecosystem. For more information, please visit www.anjusoftware.com


Brian Reichert  | Vice President of Sales, Clinical Solutions

Direct: 716..812.7205

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