PUBSTRAT MAX: Anju’s Innovative Publication Management

PUBSTRAT MAX is the evolution of PUBSTRAT, the Industry-Leading Application for Publication Planning Now Available on AnjuSafe Platform, Life Science’s Most Advanced and Robust Content Management System

TEMPE, AZ, 2/11/2021 – Anju Software announces the release of PUBSTRAT MAX, offering best-of-breed functionality designed for scientific and medical communications built on the new Anju Platform, AnjuSafe. Safe is a purpose-built content management platform for life sciences industry and provides the long-awaited technology shift that enables collaboration through its workflow engine, content management capabilities, and the correlation of data across value chains and 3rd party data apps.

PUBSTRAT MAX offers unequaled functionality combined with the best platform for scientific and medical communications and content planning and management. Among other features it offers online document collaboration, built-in workflow functionality, weekly updates to journal and conference data (integrated in Anju’s ta-Scan 360 data technology platform)­ and the life science industry’s most comprehensive reporting package.

Enhanced functionality and strategic integration of PUBSTRAT MAX with other Anju applications results from the collaboration between its own team of medical affairs experts and Anju’s growing biopharma customer community.  One fundamental aspect of this latest iteration of PUBSTRAT remains unchanged: this cloud-hosted SaaS solution is quick to deploy, easy to use, and can be adapted to support any biopharma organization’s specific business and process requirements – in a matter of weeks, not months.

“We were able to make a complete switch to the PUBSTRAT suite within 6 weeks of contracting with Anju. Our users find its ease of use and depth of functionality a welcome change from our previous solution.” – Large Pharmaceutical Customer Representative

“PUBSTRAT MAX is the next generation of publication planning and management applications, capable of extending its utility beyond pubs into all aspects of a medical affairs organization’s content development practices. The ongoing collaboration with our customers and its integration with other Anju best-of-breed offerings ensures that PUBSTRAT MAX will maintain its status as the preeminent solution in the space.” – Kelly Malloy, Vice President, Product Strategy, Anju Software


About Anju Software

Anju Software provides an adaptive platform for clinical trials, medical affairs, and a newly designed state-of-the-art clinical content and data repository. The company’s AI-based analytical solutions, combined with data and application integration capabilities, serves the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract research life sciences markets. The strength of Anju’s offering focuses on delivering YOUR PLATFORM, YOUR WAY. Anju will incorporate complementary solutions to YOUR environment, leveraging Anju’s integration technology, creating a tailor-made PLATFORM perfectly suited to meet YOUR needs. Learn more by visiting


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