Anju’s IRMS Enhances Efficiency with Self-Service Portal

IRMS, the world leading Med Info software solutions provider, has added even more value to their platform.

Phoenix, AZ, August 19, 2019 – Anju Software’s IRMS (Information Request Management System) has rolled out a self-service portal for HCP’s and consumers called IRMS Care. This takes IRMS, which is already the industry standard for medical information management, to a new level. IRMS Care allows HCP’s and consumers to search for published content that has been approved by the client using a secure customized/company branded website. Built with efficiency in mind, other benefits of this new portal include accessibility over desktops, tablets and mobile phones and the ability to submit questions that didn’t come up in search and track/assign individuals through IRMS web.

Being fully integrated with your IRMS environment allows control of what documents can be shared to the portal from IRMS Content Management. Having the flexibility for HCP/Consumer self-registration, quick and easy implementation and many other customizable features really sets this apart from anything else on the market.

“We built IRMS Care to answer the growing need in medical information for self-service with instant and accurate information at your finger-tips. It’s great when we can bring more value to our clients, who in turn, bring more value to their clients that effects an entire industry”, says Reed McLaughlin, Senior VP of Sales for Anju’s Medical Affairs Division.

About Anju Software

Anju Software provides an integrated software and data platform for pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO clients which enhances trial efficiencies through improved data collection, integration, analyses and reliability across therapeutic areas from compound design in Clinical Operations to Medical Affairs and through Commercialization. For more information, please visit




Reed McLaughlin  | Senior VP of Sales, Medical Affairs

Direct:  630.981.5841

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