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Anju Elevates Agency Support with PUBSTRAT Software Suite

Creating a publications project workflow and management system that offers a greater value for Agencies and their clients

TEMPE, AZ May 5, 2020 – Anju Software is teaming up with agencies through its PUBSTRAT Software Suite to elevate the value that agencies can offer their clients.  PUBSTRAT is a leading web-based publication planning system purpose built for life sciences that facilitates compliant and efficient collaboration using exclusive, innovative technology not available in any other publication management application. Anju Software’s PUBSTRAT team recently released a powerful package specifically catering to the needs of publication agencies.

“PUBSTRAT has proven an effective tool to help organize our publications.  We also get a lot of use out of the CiteCentral repository, as it allows quick access to what has been completed.  We also refer to the Journal Selector and Conference Authority tools often for publication planning research – having a central database for this information is crucial throughout all stages of publication development, “  states, Krista Terry, Account Director, p-value communications.

Publication agencies managing multiple customer projects within the solution gain insight by accessing a platform that shows greater visibility of projects across agency and resource management functional areas. They will be able to increase capabilities internally to enable tracking of budgets with clients and standardize practices across teams or develop specific workflows per team.

PUBSTRAT, a web-based solution for managing the entire scientific publication planning process including finding appropriate journals and conferences via curated databases and organize final documents to a repository, is now packaged specifically for agencies.

The PUBSTRAT suite includes access to Anju’s Journal Selector and Conference Authority (JSCA) database, allowing our clients to easily search, analyze then identify the right venues to reach their target audiences. JSCA’s recent synchronization with Anju’s ta-Scan makes it the largest and most up-to-date database for scientific conference and journal optimization in the industry. Anju also offers CiteCentral which is a knowledge repository.  This coupled with the project workflow, budgeting and planning features along with reports and dashboards takes the process to a whole new level.

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