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TrialMaster 5.1: Anju Redefines Clinical Study Build Times

Anju Sets New Standard for Reducing Clinical Study Build Times with TrialMaster 5.1: Release Offers New Proprietary Technology Enabling Reuse of Edit Checks Across Multiple Clinical Trials

Tempe, AZ, June 23, 2021 – Addressing some of the most time-consuming challenges of biopharma companies in building clinical studies and rolling out drug trials, Anju Software has launched TrialMaster 5.1, a software platform with a range of enhanced trial efficiency capabilities, highlighted by a unique company-created technology called Parameterized Edit Check that facilitates reuse of edit checks for flagging inaccurate data across multiple clinical trials.

There are a range of protocols and data parameters that go into the creation of a clinical study before it goes live to trial such as what information to collect, what questions need to be answered, and how many patients to recruit. Clinical studies are only as good as their data and edit checks are one of the most time-intensive processes for collecting and cleaning data. While often tedious, it is a vital process to ensure that data is accurate.

While technologies exist for automating the edit check process on a trial-to-trial basis, there has previously never been a clinical trial management software application that could combine edit check functionality for the more standard data categories found across trials with data variables found in specific trials, thereby easing reuse in any trial implementation. Parameterized Edit Check technology allows edit checks to be written once and used over and over again in future trials.

“With the development of Parameterized Edit Check in the TrialMaster 5.1 platform, we believe we have solved a major bottleneck in the inability of the industry to bring more promising therapies through the clinical development process with greater speed and efficiency,“ said Nick Campbell, Chief Revenue Officer at Anju Software. “By ensuring the efficient and accurate capture of all fixed and variable data types for reuse and scaling across the design of any clinical study prior to going live, trial execution and patient observation and care can be greatly accelerated.”

Complementing the Parameterized Edit Check advanced technology are an integrated set of additional tools in TrialMaster 5.1 that help reduce the time to go live for a clinical study, provide deeper insights into trial data, and streamline processes throughout the lifecycle of a study. Developed with the input of clinical study designers and clinical data management professionals, these include:

  • Data visualization ad-hoc reporting dashboards and analytics for and actionable insights into all trial data
  • A newly developed TrialBuilder study design user interface that reduces typical steps in building clinical studies
  • Simpler and more efficient trial protocol amendment management capabilities
  • Central User and Trial Management for versatile navigation between multiple trials
  • Enhanced clinical study workflow efficiencies for reviewing, visualizing, cleaning, exporting, and locking of all trial data
  • Greater access and permission controls over CRO views of study and trial data

Supported over any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device, TrialMaster 5.1 is a complete EDC system that makes it easier for clinical professionals to collect and manage their study data, thereby decreasing preparation time before a clinical trial goes live and freeing up additional time to monitor patient responses once a trial is live.

The combination of reduced study build time, better trial insight, and more efficiency improvements throughout the study lifecycle offered by TrialMaster 5.1 allows biopharmaceutical organizations to focus on developing new treatments and accelerating their time to market to make an impact on patient lives.

About Anju Software
Anju Software provides an adaptive platform for clinical trials, medical affairs, and a newly designed, state-of-the-art clinical content and data repository. It’s an AI-based analytical solution combined with data and application integration capabilities, serving the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract research Life Sciences markets.

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