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So much goes into successfully completing a clinical trial. The drug development, the testing and the patient care move a new treatment from an idea into a FDA-approved, marketable product.
Concurrently, your medical affairs team must connect with key opinion leaders (KOLs), researchers, customers and potential patients — all of whom seek relevant, reliable, timely medical content.

There are several threads to tie together in that process. Balancing the needs of every stakeholder in that chain is difficult. Effective content management, real-time collaboration and targeted distribution are key.

We streamline that medical communication process with Pubstrat MAX, our scientific and medical publication planning and management platform.

Build a Team That Is Engaged in Your Research

One of the first steps to promote interest in your publications is to call together a team of people eager to learn about your research. These range from KOLs who follow industry trends to medical professionals willing to provide peer-reviewed analyses of your results. As you work to bring your treatments to market, you can strategically call together a team you feel comfortable with.

“The need for drug development and KOLs have increased substantially,” says Anirban Choudhury, senior product marketing manager at Infiniti Research. “However, pharmaceutical companies struggle to identify and engage with the ideal KOLs for their business and to capitalize on the insights and advice provided by them efficiently.”

Pubstrat MAX helps with this by giving you a way to engage reviewers, approvers and authors wherever they are in the world. The workflow is made simple so each person can comment or submit a request for approval. Pubstrat MAX offers both collaborative and asynchronous options for document development.

Find the Right Conferences for Your Research

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, travel is resuming across the globe. Virtual events are returning to in-person meetings (or hybrid conferences with both live and online discussions). To fully engage with authors and connect with experts in your field, your work needs to be presented at these conferences.

“Medical conferences come in a variety of styles and formats,” says Sachin Gupta, pulmonary and critical care physician. “As a subspecialist in pulmonary hypertension, I attend conferences related to this disease state as a means of learning about the latest in research, innovation and therapies.”

Pubstrat MAX uses data from Journal Selector and Conference Authority to pinpoint which publications and which upcoming conferences provide the best audiences for your research. From there, you can coordinate with the lead times of the publishers or conference organizers to ensure your research gets into the right hands at the right time.

Pubstrat MAX can help with these efforts, as well. Our system has an exclusive integration with a feature called Conference Authority, which allows you to find industry-specific conferences to attend and present at. This allows you to:

  • Identify the conferences at which your KOLs and executives should present your latest clinical research.
  • Educate key stakeholders about your product, your research in your therapy category or about patient population experiences with your treatments.
  • Make new professional connections and form in-person relationships on top of the virtual ones you have built during the pandemic.

From there, you can coordinate with the lead times of conference organizers to ensure your research gets into the right hands at the right time.
conference organizers

Grow Your Professional Connections

Knowing how industry leaders prefer to be reached is a major part of medical affairs. Not everyone has the time, or the means, to attend a specific meeting or conference.

“I can’t afford traditional [medical science liaisons],” says Enrique Grande, head of oncology at the MD Anderson Madrid Cancer Center. “Proactive MSLs that send articles and resources are extremely useful to me. They are saving me time and making my life a little bit easier. Let’s save time and money. Just send me the email.”

Pubstrat MAX helps you make those connections by engaging professionals on their terms while delivering your timely medical research and content. Form stronger relationships with people this way, and they likely will be more responsive to your content.

Let’s Reimagine Scientific Content Engagement

By following the tips above, you can build stronger connections across the medical content creation process, from authors and reviewers to the researchers you meet at conferences.

This entire process is built on a simple premise of respecting the time of busy professionals. Reviewers can comment on the content asynchronously, whenever their schedules allow. Then, the published content gets into the hands of people most interested in that content via the channel that works best for them.

To learn more about these capabilities, have a look at the Pubstrat MAX fact sheet.

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