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Anju’s TA Scan Selected by Leading Pharma Company to Enhance Clinical Research

In a significant stride towards advancing clinical research and enhancing patient outcomes, Anju Software, a prominent provider of software solutions for the life sciences industry, has forged a strategic partnership with one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies globally.

The challenges confronted by this pharmaceutical giant encompassed:

  • Ensuring data quality across various therapeutic areas, including diabetes, obesity, growth disorders, hemophilia, and rare diseases.
  • Acquiring reliable insights for enrollment benchmarking in upcoming clinical trials.
  • Facilitating expansion into new therapeutic areas to identify opportunities for their drugs and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification.

This pharmaceutical leader invested more than 400 hours in performing an internal benchmarking study against their existing data provider, and the conclusion was clear: TA Scan data and analytics are much more powerful.

In this collaborative endeavor, the pharmaceutical giant will harness one of Anju Software’s flagship products, TA Scan, and API Services to address a spectrum of business challenges over a two-year period. This partnership underscores the shared commitment of both entities to driving innovation and excellence in healthcare.

TA Scan, a comprehensive, web-based clinical and commercial business intelligence solution, aggregates, connects, and analyzes global clinical trial data, presentation data, publication data, and many other data sources from the public domain into a single, intuitive database. This high-quality data, coupled with the granular semantic search capability of TA Scan’s interface, supports Clinical Operations and Medical Affairs teams to make more informed, data-driven decisions around clinical trial design, diversity strategy, feasibility, site identification, and KOL identification and management.

To learn more about TA Scan and Anju’s Data Science solutions offerings, request a demo today.

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