Video Interview: Advancing Clinical Trials with Advanced Technology

OncologyTube recently interviewed Larry Birch, Anju’s Chief Executive Officer. They discussed leveraging cutting-edge technology to expedite clinical trials while ensuring maximum information, validation, and efficacy, aiming for both quick failures and successful outcomes. They also discuss the impact of COVID-19 on oncology trials, using robust technology to simplify the decentralized trial process, and the need for adaptable solutions to the complex oncology trial process.


The most intuitive Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Suite on the market featuring superior usability and flexibility, TrialMaster is your EDC solution for Phase I-IV clinical trials. TrialMaster improves efficiencies and reduces workflow impact while enhancing your data quality, resulting in faster study submission times.


TA Scan is a comprehensive, web-based clinical and commercial business intelligence solution that aggregates, connects, and analyzes global clinical trial data, presentation data, publication data, and many other data sources from the public domain into a single, intuitive database.


IRMS MAX is the definitive gold standard of Medical Information systems offering unsurpassed capabilities, an intuitive user experience, and the ability to deliver the right information, to the right consumer, at the right time. It not only captures information rapidly in a modern, streamlined interface, but also ensures adherence to industry standards and compliance as well as to your own internal processes and procedures.


Watch the full OncologyTube interview with Larry Birch here.



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