Patient-Centricity Interview Larry Birch Outsourcing Pharma

How Patient-Centricity is Becoming a Cliche and The Crucial Tool in Anju’s Arsenal

At the SCOPE Summit in Orlando, Outsourcing Pharma’s Senior Editor Liza Laws sat down with Anju’s CEO Larry Birch to discuss where the company is headed, how Anju keeps patients at the forefront while supporting its customers, and the crucial tool in its arsenal. Read the full interview here to learn more on patient-centricity, Anju’s values, and our data intelligence tool.

About Larry:
Larry Birch has spent the last 30 years as a standout leader in SaaS and Life Science Technologies. Before his time as Chief Executive Officer of Anju, Mr. Birch held leadership positions in different sectors including general management and finance. During his time at Anju, Larry has been able to deliver optimal corporate strategy solutions to drive growth, performance, and customer satisfaction.

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