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Forbes Ranks Virtual Trials as a Top 5 Digital Health Technology Trend

From industry journals to mainstream publications, the topic of virtual trials is making headlines. For example, virtual trials (Wearable Technology, ePRO and Technology) earned a spot on the Forbes list of Top Five Digital Health Technologies in 2019.

Forbes based the ranking on a recent global corporate survey, featuring a single question:

“Please indicate the key technology which you believe will have the most profound impact on the healthcare industry during 2019?”
Here are the rankings:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Radiology

2. Augmented Reality (diagnostic imaging, real-time data streaming and data processing ) and Surgery

3. Digital Solutions and Health Insurance

4. Blockchain and Electronic Health Records

5. Wearable Technology, ePRO and Technology (Virtual Trials)

In the section related to virtual trials, Forbes explores the link between wearable technology, clinical trials and patient-centricity:

“If you or a loved one has been a participant of a [clinical] trial, you will be well aware of the challenges, including the frequent need to visit a hospital or a clinic, sometimes foregoing work or other leisure activities. But wearables and apps are beginning to change this, allowing for the concept of virtual clinical trials to emerge.” Read more.

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Managing Clinical Data in the New World of Virtual Trials

Virtual Trials will transform the clinical trials landscape. Innovative technology and data will be at the forefront of change. Our panel, featuring leaders representing the pharmaceutical sponsor, CRO and technology communities, will discuss how virtual trials can benefit patients and sponsors by providing a process for completing studies faster than ever. Join OmniComm for a complimentary Lunch & Learn panel discussion on March 7, 2019 starting at 11:30 a.m.


  • Introduction to Virtual Trials
  • Benefits/Unique Challenges
  • Evolving Technology
  • Data Management
  • Patient-Driven Data Collection
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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